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logo - comic-con (distressed)The news that went out by email last week to eligible applicants for Returning Volunteer Registration for San Diego Comic-Con 2014 has now been made official to the wider world, in case you missed it; this may be an option if you volunteered in some capacity or another in 2013 and the threat of not landing badges in 2014 is hovering over your shoulder.

An update has been posted on the official Comic-Con International website, giving a guide for applications for these limited slots. Prospective applicants will be able to log into their Member ID’s as of Tuesday 4th February at 5pm GMT (9am PST) and find an additional ‘Volunteer’ tab on their page from which to apply.

The numbers of on-site Volunteer applications have been greatly reduced by CCI in recent years, pooling primarily from high-scoring serving volunteers from previous years, considering them the more reliable candidates, instead of applicants who may be in it more for the complimentary badge and t-shirt!

The wording on the Pre-Registration Badge Sale cheat sheet posted on the Toucan Blog last week stated that Volunteers would not be eligible to participate in the badge sale – thankfully, however, communication with CCI has clarified that applying for this run of returning volunteer places would not stop those who also bought a badge as well.

CCI Response: “You can register to volunteer and participate in pre-reg, because you bought a badge last year. The reason most volunteers can’t do the pre-reg is that they did not pay for a badge last year.

Note, you can only have one badge, so you’ll need to pick up your paid badge first and then come to the Volunteer desk to check in when you are ready to do a volunteer assignment. We won’t give you a volunteer badge, we’ll just check you in and get you scheduled.”

Options, options… Applicants will have ten days in which to apply for these Volunteer positions with the deadline falling on 1.30am GMT, Friday 14th February (Thursday 13th, 5.30pm PST) – an auspicious date. Can Comic-Con International turn around the system around to open up the doors for a Pre-Registration Badge Sale that weekend? Only time – and email alerts – will tell.

SDCC Volunteers sacrifice three hours out of a Con day in return for a complimentary Badge for that respective day. Volunteering for a visiting Brit may seem like quite the sacrifice for what is, in essence, your holiday! However, it can be quite the rewarding experience, giving back to this incredible event, especially if you’ve been to the Con before – and, of course, you do get quite the snazzy exclusive Volunteers t-shirt. Result!

It may be, also, the only way to get to experience Con if you’ve set your heart on 2014, you’ve bought your flights to the States already, and you unfortunately don’t manage to land that Golden Ticket: we’ll keep you posted on when – or indeed, if – General Volunteer Registration gets announced… 
Did you Volunteer in 2013? For those who may be thinking about it, what was your experience of Volunteering? Are you intending to apply for Returning Volunteer status this year? Do you see it as maybe the only way you can get to attend Con in 2014? Comments below, as always…

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