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logo - comic-con (distressed)Anyone who feels that Comic-Con International has abandoned its comic book roots for Hollywood glitz and glamour really should be made aware of the numerous awards ceremonies and events that honour and celebrate all aspects of the comics industry, held throughout the week in July.

Some high-profile bashes such as the Will Eisner Industry Awards are nominated and voted for by those specially selected in the business – however, there is one award that YOU make all the difference in by shining a spotlight on a retailer you feel deserves special attention: the Will Eisner ‘Spirit Of Comics’ Retailer Awards.

As the release on the CCI website proclaims:

Each year Comic-Con International honours retailers from around the globe with the Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award, named after the visionary creator of The Spirit. When Will approached Comic-Con about initiating the award in the early 1990s, he wanted it to acknowledge the important role that comics retailers play in the industry, nurturing the relationship between creators and their readers. The comic book retailer provides that vital link in getting the work from the creators and publishers to the public. Will recognised the importance of that link, and Comic-Con continues to recognise it over 20 years after Will’s original idea.

(The spelling in that quote has been corrected, naturally. We just couldn’t do it, this is a Brit site, after all. ‘Honors’, indeed!)

Speaking of which, it should be noted in this release that this award taking nominations from the public, unlike many you find littering the ‘web, is also open to entrants “…from around the globe”. Which means, it could be very possible that this award could embrace the ‘International’ bit of the name ‘Comic-Con International’ for a change!

But, the only way that would happen is if you nominate a comic book shop that you feel goes above and beyond in its service to its customers. Is there a store somewhere that holds a very special place in your heart? You can nominate that shop, either by the Online Ballot on via a downloadable PDF and mail it back across the pond. (Yeah, air mail. Very 1980’s, granddad! Want to enter by fax, too??)

The winning retailer will be announced as part of the very swanky Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards on the Friday of Comic-Con 2014, 25th July, to be held usually in the Indigo Ballroom of the Hilton Bayfront, an event that we at ‘An Englishman In San Diego’ will be making every effort to cover live on the night. It would be great for us to collect the Award on behalf of a UK shop, stuck back in Blighty. Don’t worry, chaps, we’ll save you a canapé or two and say hi to Gaiman and Ross for you…

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