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logo - comic-con (distressed)EDIT (8th Jan 2015): Looks like we may have been a little premature with our prediction for those dates. Our deduction was understandable from the clues to hand but fresh information has corrected us, it appears…

An update on the Events Page of the San Diego Convention Centre website now lists the prestigious ESRI (Environmental System Research Institute) Convention (which is a long-standing commitment to the city and, along with San Diego Comic-Con, is detailed in the U-T San Diego piece as an important factor in what events take place in the city and when) as taking place on the week that we earmarked in our piece below, with a ‘Private Event’ with 130,000 attendees happening the week after, from Thursday 21st July to Sunday the 24th 2016. (Yeah, 130k attendees? That’s gonna be us!)

image - san diego convention center (events list 2016)

This means that the ESRI Convention, which ‘typically accounts for 40,000 hotel room stays and about $60 million in economic impact’ would clash with San Diego hosting the All-Star Game – an unlikely scenario with the amount of hotel rooms required so this implies that someone has already heard that San Diego won’t be getting this prestigious sporting event, and ESRI didn’t see the need to move dates. Which puts SDCC in the slot the week following. Make sense?

Either way, until San Diego Convention Center sees fit to pull this information from its website – something which the sly buggers have done before – this is the new dates we’re aiming at. Hey, give us a break: we weren’t that far off! [hangs head in shame…]


(Original Post: 2nd January 2015) Book your holiday time now! Complex negotiations with various events coming to San Diego, including the 2016 All-Star Game, have revealed the most likely dates for San Diego Comic-Con: 14th to 17th July 2016, with Preview Night taking place on the 13th.

As dedicated fans of the epic celebration of pop culture – which brings no less than 130,000 people and a projected financial impact of over £115 million to the local economy ($180m) – we can often forget that other attractions do vie for the attention of the city, along with massive sports events and other organisations, utilising facilities such as Petco Park and the Convention Centre. Having that many attendees showing up in San Diego, overlapping the already stretched resources of hotel space, as well as the clash of tones and approaches each event may take is something everyone tries to avoid – and delicate negotiations are always taking place to make sure that doesn’t happen.

As reported by U-T San Diego, Major League Baseball has a fixed timetable for the All-Star Game, which will be taking place on Tuesday 12th 2016 (there is also the five-day preamble leading up to the game itself, including parades, sports runs and pre-game parties). These dates have already been locked by the organisation, with no flexibility: that date IS when that game will happen – and San Diego would desperately love to host it at Petco Park with 2016 being the only year with the suitable date, with the giant logistical ‘jigsaw puzzle’ of shuffling the many other events to accommodate it.

The hurdle to hosting the game in the city is that which could’ve potentially overlapped with the timetable, says Joe Terzi (chief executive of The San Diego Convention & Visitors Bureau): San Diego Comic-Con, “scheduled to begin, just a few days after.” For those with a wall calendar in front of them, that nugget of information would lock SDCC into Thursday 14th to Sunday 17th July 2016, with Preview Night taking place on Wednesday 13th.

Terzi himself acknowledges the seismic impact SDCC has on the city; in the article, he says, “we thought about [the suggestion to move Comic-Con]… But we didn’t feel it was appropriate to try to do that. Their attendees are such a unique group but they don’t take well to change the plan the year around this event.” Gee, you make us sound like tics in a bed, Joe – we’re just so difficult to shift!

The article continues with a quote from Comic-Con International Director Of Public Relations David Glanzer, saying that the lack of an overlap was great news and that officials “applaud the efforts” to bring the All-Star Game to San Diego. “Not only for the game, but as another wonderful opportunity to showcase America’s Finest City to the rest of the country, and the world,” he said.

The decision of the MLB to bring the Game to San Diego has yet to be finalised – this happens at some point soon, ‘early 2015’ – but, in manoeuvring pieces and shifting around what they can, in doing so potential organisers have revealed the dates most important to us nerds. Early enough for you?

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