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logo - comic-con (distressed)Comic-Con International has opened its prized Press Badge application slots for San Diego Comic-Con 2014 – and is already mailing those who it feels aren’t quite up to the mustard, proving that it is indeed cracking down on the number of badges it is allocating to the media.

The number of Press Badges issued  has been a bone of contention for the last number of years, especially to those who feel they have been handed out to outlets and bloggers that don’t regularly cover Comic-Con throughout the course of the year.

However, while CCI has made the effort to provide suitable media support to sites that support San Diego-Comic year-in year out, it is also committed to balance the number of available Press Badges against attendee numbers, making more available to regular attendees.

All the application support material is available on the CCI website and applications and verification materials must be submitted by December 13, 2013.

The Application page also notably includes a paragraph at the end of its release, making no bones about the organisation’s policy regarding press teams behaving in an inappropriate manner, saying, “As always, the issuance of a press badge is at the sole discretion of Comic-Con International. Please be respectful of all our attendees. A Comic-Con press badge is provided as a courtesy to cover the event. Comic-Con does not tolerate coverage that includes stunt type events, ambush interviewing or any sort of action that could make any of our attendees feel unsafe or uncomfortable.”

This may be in response to an incident at New York Comic-Con, widely reported via Twitter and social media, in which a team of ‘video journalists’ with press credentials approached girls in cosplay, with the view of conducting an interview on camera,. The team started of benignly and then began to make very inappropriate comments about the cosplayers and their dress, making them feel incredibly uncomfortable and harassed. (The Mary Sue: http://www.themarysue.com/new-york-comic-con-harassment/)

One cosplayer in particular took to Facebook to highlight the problem to large and on-going media attention. (The group in question were brought to NYCC’s attention on the evening of the story breaking and were banned from the event.)

As this site is literally brand new, I have not applied to be Press at Comic-Con (and don’t intend to – not just yet!) and, as such, I’m uncertain as to whether this is a new addition to the Press conditions on the CCI webpage. I’ll do my best to find out and request a CCI release directly to that incident.

Comments about this release, and the NYCC incident, are welcome below.

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