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If you’re an attendee of the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con, and are wanting to attend in 2014, ready and waiting for info on the Pre-Registration Badge Sale… Well, you can relax. For now, anyway!

Comic-Con International have sent out an email update to everyone eligible for the Badge Sale, linking to a webpage on the official site.

“Seasons Greetings from Comic-Con!

We wanted to give everyone a heads up that 2014 badge preregistration for Comic-Con will not occur in November. EPIC registration is fine tuning the process and needs a little more time to make sure everything is in order. As soon as we have a better idea of the timeline we will let everyone know at least 48 hours prior to preregistration going live. So in the meantime, please relax and enjoy your upcoming Thanksgiving weekend!”

The page then goes on to remind potential applicants of essential steps they must take to get ready for the Sale, including fine tuning of Member ID’s and email notifications. So, all the stuff we’ve been stressing over and making damn sure of for months already…

At least we’re now given some official indication of when to pay attention next month – with the Sales in the past, taking place at the weekends, forty-eight hours gives us a window of Thursday afternoon GMT when we should watch for any announcements in December. So, take a bit of a breather. For another week, at least!

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