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logo - comic-con (distressed)The impending Pre-Registration Badge Sale was always going to one with a spotlight on it, as it will serve as a template for all future Badge Sales to come – and now, details have been released to let potential Attendees know what they can expect when the Sale eventually arrives.

With yet another update, Comic-Con International have answered a whole bunch of questions about how this Sale will take place… while, inevitably, leaving a couple of new questions in its wake.

Attendees now need to retrieve a Personal Registration Code via an email sent  ‘at least 24 hours prior to pre-registration’; eg. if the Badge Sale was to take place on SATURDAY morning PST, eligible applicants would get their email by at least by 9am PST (5pm GMT) on the FRIDAY. Some might hear on the grapevine – like, on this website, perhaps! – that the Badge Sale is imminent and hadn’t gotten the email: they would then have a day to retrieve their code from the Member ID page of the CCI website.

And, on top of that, a two hour window has been introduced before the Sale starts in which to enter that code and be allocated a spot in the Waiting Rooms, a spot which will be randomly assigned as announced in Monday’s update.

All of the changes are very much looking to safeguard CCI and EPIC Registration’s servers against the massive influx of Attendees, storming the gates – where the introduction of a Waiting Room went some way to buffering that onslaught, having such a huge number of applicants trying to enter that initial stage was still to much of a technical burden to bare.

The Registration Code will be unique to each Attendee and ‘is redeemable for one entry into the waiting room only, so do not share your code online! Your registration code will only authorize one computer and one browser to enter the EPIC Waiting Room’. (An applicant must then insert their key into the NORAD computer at the same time as your missile silo partner… no, wait… Never mind!)

The timetable for a SDCC Badge Sale appears to now be:

  • Attendee who is applicable for Badge Sale will receive an email containing their own unique Registration Code, at least 24 hours prior to the Badge Sale, along with a link to a page into which to enter it.
  • At 7am PST (2pm GMT) of the Badge Sale date, for TWO HOURS, applicants can input their Registration Code into the page which will enter them into ‘a holding pool’.
  • Shortly after 9am (5pm GMT), the Waiting Room slots will be filled from the ‘holding pool’, selected at random.
  • When the Waiting Room opens, applicants will have FIFTEEN minutes to purchase Badges for themselves and TWO other eligible applicants. On entering the Waiting Room, applicants will be able to see the quantities of available Badges – these quantities will be frozen from the length of the 15min session.

Applicants complete the session, slots open up, more randoms are selected… repeat to fade.

The update is very insistent on a couple of new points – entering a Registration Code will lock out all other browsers and computers, negating the need to have multiple computers open, clogging up the Waiting Rooms.

Also, DON’T TOUCH that Refresh button. While in previous years, resetting a frozen session with the ol’ F5 might have worked in the past, CCI are making sure that it’s not required with the new setup. And that’s why the Big Bang Theory boys won’t be getting their Badges this year.

One thing’s for certain: the Pre-Registration Sale will NOT be taking place this weekend, as announced in Monday’s update. With the ability to make changes to Member ID’s now closed – a traditional indicator that a Sale would happen imminently – and Sales taking place in recent years on a Saturday, this would suggest that a Badge Sale could happen as early as the 8th.

However, emails have also been sent out for returning Volunteers to apply for slots for SDCC 2014 – these will open on Tuesday 4th, closing on Thursday 13th. As signed-up volunteers will be ineligible to take part in any Badge Sale, and it’s unlikely CCI will want to get tied up in all that confusion – and the closing day of a Thursday is telling. So… Saturday 15th, anybody?

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  1. Hey Leonard

    How many people are going to click right at 7:00am and not wait a few minutes, in fear that the system will break down and they’ll not be in the waiting room? Logic side of me says wait an hour and let the room settle down, the non logical and desperate side of me will act like the mob and stampede the line 😀

  2. I think there will be a mad rush at 7am and I think the person that gets #1 will enter close to 9 because thats how it usually works. The problem is they capped the waiting room at 60k last year so i am thinking that is what 40% of the badges for pre reg? But they sent invites to everyone who attended last year so what happens when 130k try to get in at 7am? Can the waiting room hold everyone that went last year? Even if some arent going back i bet they are giving their reg codes away.

  3. Finally clarity theough the storm that is SDCC. Awesome article and cant wait to see you again this year, Leonard.

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