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ACE Parking, the company that is administrating the parking at locations around San Diego throughout  Comic-Con, has opened up the permits site to allow customers to get comfortable with the layout of the pages and to create an account, ahead of the applications opening on 20th May 2014 at 5pm GMT (9am PST/12pm EST).

The brand new site, the result of months of intensive programming and testing by ACE Parking, will allow applicants to set up an account for the system, as well as recording credit card information in each account to make the checkout process go as quickly as possible. (Don’t worry, credit card details are not stored on the site and the whole thing is fully PCI compliant.)

Jon Gjerset, Chief Information Officer, yesterday tweeted details of the site being opened for visitors…

…however, Jon then also reminded his Twitter followers that, while accounts may created ahead of the process, the site isn’t taking applications just yet.

After hitches and crashes being encountered in years gone by (after being administrated by third-party company iParq), a completely new system has been programmed by ACE Parking from the ground up. 2014 will be the first time that the new system will be run out to the public – Jon has already admitted that he considers the in-house achievements of the entire ACE team with a very personal sense of pride.

Currently road-tested to handle a load of 5,000 visitors at once, the team are aiming for a volume of around twice that – a figure that’s not entirely out of the question, what with the rabid interest at a Comic-Con sale of any type. Speaking to An Englishman In San Diego on 2nd May, he explained the necessity for the redesign with the increased traffic that all aspects of Con now attracts.

If you’re an international visitor, and you’re hiring a car to move around San Diego – perhaps you’re staying a little further afield and you need to transport your massive haul of swag or exclusive purchases – getting parking closer to the Convention Center may be right what you’re after…

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  1. I wonder how “confident” he is about the “horsepower” this server/cart has now?#epicfail #thepostofficeismorecompetent #needanewCIO

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