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logo - comic-con (distressed)Attendees, unable to secure lodgings for San Diego Comic-Con in the recent Hotel Reservations sale or looking to upgrade, will get a second bite at the apple when Comic-Con International‘s hotels partner, Travel Planners, re-opens their site tomorrow.

The site will be taking visitors when it goes live at 5pm GMT, Wednesday 23rd April 2014 (that’s 9am PST local time, or Midday EDT). The CCI Hotels page of its website is not showing any changes to any of its previous arrangements so it’s assumed that the procedure for landing that coveted bed will be exactly the same as the first sale, held on April 8th.

As no new emails have gone out to prospective applicants for the remaining hotel room spaces, we can only assume you’re meant to use the link provided in your initial email – here’s hoping you haven’t deleted it!

Likewise, the current documentation on the CCI page simply lists all of the original hotel choices, irrespective of their current availability. Again, we’re assuming that these full hotels will be made unavailable/’greyed out’ when you fill out the forms – it really will be whatever’s left at this point.

You can find a reminder of the Hotels that are listed by CCI/Travel Planners and the guide USD/GBP conversion we provided back on the 8th in the post we did for the first Hotel Reservation Sale.

If you’re still looking for a hotel spot, and your trip to California depends on it, here’s hoping that ‘second try’s the charm’ this time round. Best of luck, everybody!

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