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If you’re not sure if your odds are good for the returning registration sale, well Comic-Con has a solution for you.

Starting Thursday, October 26, and Saturday, October 28 they will be auctioning off TEN pairs of 4-Day plus Preview Night tickets for San Diego Comic-Con International 2018. All the proceeds from the auctions will be donated to UNICEF USA.

The auction for the first four pairs of badges will start on Thursday, October 26 at 3:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time and will be a 24 hour auction!

The auction for the other 6 pairs will begin at Saturday, October 28 at 9:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time (same time as the waiting room for the returning registration sale closes) and will be 72 hour auctions – we’ll post the link to the auctions here, once the sales goes live:

Best of luck!

Full details below courtesy of the Toucan Blog.

Maggie Thompson for Comic-Con International's Toucan Blog, the Only OFFICIAL SDCC and WonderCon BlogAll of us at Comic-Con International and WonderCon Anaheim are thankful for the continued support of our amazing fans and friends. As Comic-Con 2018 Returning Registration approaches, we want to give back to communities struggling to rebuild in the wake of devastating weather events. Today, nearly 3 million residents of Puerto Rico are without electricity and 1 million children in Texas are unable to start school as they struggle to rebuild damaged education and daycare facilities. 
Starting Thursday, October 26, and Saturday, October 28, visit eBay and bid on one of ten pairs of Comic-Con 2018 badges. All badges are good for all 4 days of Comic-Con 2018 plus Preview Night! 100% percent of auction proceeds will be donated to UNICEF USA, a non-profit organization leading disaster response, delivering supplies, and creating child friendly spaces for those communities impacted by the storms. UNICEF USA helps save and protect the world’s most vulnerable children.
Auctions for the first four pairs of badges will open on Thursday, October 26 at 3:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time (PDT). These are short, 24-hour auctions, that will end on Friday, October 27. Eight lucky, and generous, fans will sleep soundly on Friday night knowing that they won’t need to wake up early for Returning Registration!
Not eligible to participate in Returning Registration? Having RetReg FOMO? Join the #RR2018 party by logging on to eBay on Saturday, October 28 at 9:00 AM (PDT) to bid on six more pairs of 4-Day badges with Preview Night! These badge auctions will be up for 72 hours to also allow people participating in Returning Registration an opportunity to bid. 
All badges will be auctioned off on the official Comic-Con eBay account: sdcomic-con. Do not purchase badges from any other seller! Sdcomic-con is the only authorized seller of Comic-Con badges, and all other auctions are not associated with our event. Winners will have 10 days from the end of the auction to submit their Comic-Con Member ID information to Comic-Con for each registrant.  A Member ID is not required to bid on the auction, but all winners must sign up for a free Member ID in order to complete their registration. For more information about UNICEF USA, please click here. 
Thank you again for your continued support and follow us on Twitter this Saturday for live updates during Returning Registration! #RR2018 #SDCC

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