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Historic stuff! Today marks the anniversary that STAR WARS first hit screens in the States… but, frankly, who gives a fetid dingo’s kidney about that? (Hope you got that reference. Yup, we know what other special day it is today, too.)

1977 may have belonged to those adventures in a galaxy far, far away on the big screen but a little more down to earth, the cool kids knew: that year, it was all about Dredd. And in March 1977, within the pages of the second issue of the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic, the Lawman made his first appearance, cementing the popularity of 2000AD and starting him off to become the longest-running character to feature in the mag.

Forty years of incredible comics history, for Dredd and the comic itself, is nothing to be sniffed at – so, following on in the spirit of February’s 40 YEARS OF THRILL-POWER FESTIVAL, which saw thousands of dedicated fans swarm the halls of Hammersmith in London, the lovely lads of Vice Press of Sheffield are letting those North of Watford Gap get in with the celebrations.

As part of this years Thought Bubble Sequential Art Festival, held in Leeds, West Yorkshire, this September, Vice are presenting a special tribute to the incredible talents that have graced the pages of 2000AD over the past four decades. ZARJAZ! AN ART TRIBUTE TO 40 YEARS OF 2000AD! will run from Friday 1st September 2017 to the Saturday 30th at the Gallery At Munro House in the city. The exhibition will feature not only some of the incredible prints that the collective have produced in collaboration with 2000AD in the past but a number of new works from some of the mightiest artists and designers from comics and pop culture.

We’re expecting big things – Vice have already set the bar for themselves pretty bloody high. AEISD have already been teased that we’ll get to see high quality renderings from the likes of David Aja and Jake Lynch, as well as Chris Weston and legendary 2000AD artist Carlos Ezquerra, taking on Dredd stablemate, Johnny Alpha, aka Strontium Dog.

Vice Press are also putting on quite the fancy bash ahead of the opening of the Thought Bubble comic convention (Saturday 23rd – Sunday 24th September), with a Special Exhibition Event being held on the Friday 22nd, with many of the artists themselves in attendance (and a couple of 2000AD dignitaries, too, no doubt).

And then, if that’s not enough, they’ll also be hosting an afterparty – the 2000AD Juve Cube –  at the Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen in Leeds City Centre, featuring live music, live art, DJ’s and gauche misconduct until the wee hours. Just to make damn sure nobody is in any fit state for the convention proper, the following morning. Bloody irresponsible, if you ask me. (Yeah yeah, we’ll be there…).

You can find out more about Thought Bubble at their official website (or, indeed, our own Event Page for the Festival, and the Convention, on our UK/IRE Conventions Calendar). We’ll also be sharing our thoughts on the Art Tribute when it opens in September, as well as the Exhibition Event and Juve Cube – follow us on Twitter and Instagram for images on the night.

Vice Press are a prestige quality U.K. based print house co-founded by artist Matt Ferguson, specialising in limited edition, licensed art prints. For more information visit Vice-Press.com.

2000AD are… well, look, if you don’t know who 2000AD are, then I suggest you’re reading the wrong damn website. Drokk!!

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