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Vice Press have revealed more information about the upcoming ZARJAZ! AN ART TRIBUTE TO 40 YEARS OF 2000AD art exhibition which launches as part of the Thought Bubble Sequential Art Festival in Leeds next month, including an update on the rather tasty after-party to be held after the launch.

We’ve posted about this exciting presentation before at its initial announcement but, as we get closer and closer to the big week, Vice are rightfully proud to show off more of the prints that will be on display.

The Sheffield-based prestige print company have marshalled some of the biggest names in poster art, as well as a number of legendary figures in the megazine’s history, to present a collection of incredible renditions of classic 2000AD characters curated by artist and Vice Press co-founder Matt Ferguson, including Carlos Ezquerra, Mick McMahon, Charlie Adlard, Chris Weston, Jock, Jason Edmiston, Michael Cho, Nick Derington, Tula Lotay, Tom Foster, Brett Ewins, Jake Lynch and many, many more.

Curated by artist and Vice Press co-founder Matt Ferguson, ZARJAZ! AN ART TRIBUTE TO 40 YEARS OF 2000AD includes a wide range of art featuring characters and titles from 2000 AD¹s rich history and will include over forty new releases created especially for the gallery.

The gallery runs from September 1st through to September 30th at the Gallery at 164, Munro House, Leeds. Vice Press will also be hosting a special event held on the evening of Friday 22nd September from 7pm to celebrate the opening of the Thought Bubble convention. And here’s the best news – the gallery is completely free to attend! (Ohh, and the piss-up afterwards – charmingly called ‘Juve Cube’ – will be taking place at the Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen, hosted by 2000AD themselves and is supported by the Leeds College Of Art Students Union. It’s over 18s only and costs £5 a ticket. Well, you can’t have everything for free.)

AEISD will be going to be in attendance, possibly Periscoping the crap out of the festivities, most certainly taking in loads of pics for later and drinking the atmosphere of being in the company of comic art’s brightest and best, and generally feeling a sense of complete inadequacy. We’ll be the one in the foetal position, hugging a Corona bottle and sobbing gently underneath the Jock print. Cheers.

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