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This past weekend – Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim – has been a truly incredible party for anyone with a Star Wars fetish: three solid days of absolutely getting your Midichlorians on! It started incredibly strong out of the gate, with the massive panel for Episode VII: The Force Awakens, with J.J. Abrams, Kathleen Kennedy, BB-8 and THAT trailer which has garnered an astonishing 88m views on YouTube over four days (possibly counting the countless times it was screened on the daily live stream on the Star Wars YouTube channel, too).

The weekend continued with headline after headline, from a wonderfully ‘relaxed’ Billy Dee Williams interview, a live reading of the Shakespearian adaptations of the trilogy, a truly rapturous reception of the Darth Vader appearance on Star Wars: Rebels, the screening of the teaser for Gareth Edwards’ addition to the SW legacy – Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One …all amazing moments. But, during the final panel in the Main Arena, the Closing Ceremony, in what many could have glossed over in the events final hurrah, one more bombshell was unveiled by incoming SWC administrator Pete Vilmur

(Skip to 6hrs 30mins 16secs, people, if the players in this post wont let you…)

That’s right! STAR WARS CELEBRATION IS COMING TO FREAKIN’ LONDON, BABY! The Excel Centre in the Capitol, to be precise: three days from Friday 15th to Sunday 17th July 2016 in which you can polish off that Yoda impression that you only usually save for parties, dust off your Slave Leia outfit (that includes you, too, ladies) and totally get your Tauntaun on!

icon - Star Wars Celebration (2016, Europe)

The price structure for the event comes in two tiers: General and V.I.P.. General tickets will get you into the ExCel and allow you attend all the panels and start from £30 for the Sunday on its own, up to £70 for the Three-Day pass (Child tickets are half price. Because they’re half people, obviously.)

image - star wars celebration (2016, general ticket prices)

V.I.P. tickets, on the other hand, are a whole other ball of beeswax: a whopping Three Hundred and Fifty Quid to come out your smugglers hold. Fair play, the things that you get for your money are pretty impressive and, in some cases, as exclusive as it gets. So, it’s entirely down to what you feel getting up close and personal to your Star Wars icons is worth. (Just remember, a number of vintage cast members and production staff will be in the UK, filming or preparing to film subsequent episodes so the opportunity is ripe for some big name appearances.)

image - star wars celebration (2016, VIP ticket prices)The tickets go on sale TODAY, Monday 20th April 2015 at 8pm GMT (it’s saying +1 on the banner but that’s a Summertime Daylight Savings Time thing – it’s 8pm bang on, people. And that’s Midday on the West Coast and 3pm ET for our Colonial cousins.) The pages and Buy Ticket buttons are up on the www.starwarscelebration.com website – click here for the General Badges and here for the V.I.P. bad boys – but the sale won’t go live until the times listed above times so now’s the time to weigh up your options.

Best of luck – and May The Force… nah, I’m not going to say that!!

However, there may be something else that might sway your decision, if you’re concidering attending this extraordinary event: if you come to this website because you’re a San Diego Comic-Con aficionado, you may have to seriously consider where your priorities lie.

Don’t forget, all signs are pointing to SDCC 2016 taking place on the 21st to the 24th, the weekend after. So, which is it going to be? One or the other? The Force? Hall H? (Or both?? You hardcore MANIAC, you!!)



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