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This is a Cup O’ Tea-heavy article, it’s just going to be easier if you accept all the names listed below are in bold CAPITALS. It’ll save time, believe me.

She’s the fan favourite of BBC‘s SHERLOCK, the moral squishy centre against Benedict Crimplebutch‘s prickly outer shell – Molly Hooper, played by incredibly talented and multi-hyphenate LOUISE BREALEY who boasts the addition of ‘writer’ and ‘journalist’ to her acting resume. And fans can find out more about this fascinating woman when she appears at the hugely popular Sherlocked UK Event in Birmingham this October.

Sherlocked is the Official SHERLOCK Convention and has had appearance from pretty much the entire cast in previous years: both Bumplecutch and Martin Freeman have shown in the past and 2017 has an already stunning line-up, including Sian Brooke (Eurus Holmes), Una Stubbs (Mrs. Hudson), Jonathan Aris (Philip Anderson), Gordon Kennedy (Gary, ‘The Hounds Of Baskerville’), Lisa McAllister (Anthea), and Rupert Graves (Det. Insp. Greg Lestrade). The event also has directors, crew and showrunners in attendance, including Guests Of Honour Sue Vertue (executive producer) and Steven Moffat (creator / executive producer / writer). Impressive… most impressive.

Louise Brealey is impressive, all on her own, having been trained at the prestigious Lee Strasberg Institute in NYC, which isn’t exactly a charm school. She also has written about film, art and music since her teens, with bylines for such periodicals as Empire Magazine, Total Film and Premiere UK, and editing the reference tome ‘Anarchy & Alchemy: The Films Of Alejandro Jodorowsky’ Oof.

March 2012 saw the release of THE CHARLE DICKENS SHOW on BBC 2, a children’s comedy drama that Brealey co-wrote, co-starred and produced, starring Neil Dudgeon, Jeff Rawle and SHERLOCK co-star Rupert Graves. And a couple of years back, Brealey won Best Supporting Actress in a feature TV show, CONTAINMENT, at the Southampton International Film Festival. So, I really should go back and add ‘award winning’ to the description in my opening paragraph.

The addition of Brealey to the line-up will make the Hilton Metropole in Birmingham the essential must-attend venue for the weekend of Friday 27th – Saturday 29th October – although, do be aware that Louise will only be in attendance on the Saturday. Just keep that in mind when booking tickets.

Speaking of which, tickets are currently available on the Sherlocked website, here, starting at £45 for a Standard 1 Day Ticket (Saturday or Sunday), going through 3 Day Tickets (£99), Silver, Gold, Platinum and VIP Packages. (Note: if you’re interested in any of these latter packages, prepare for a hefty kick to the financial nads. Doesn’t work out cheap, kids.)

Still, an stunning lineup for a world-class event. If your world revolves around everything elementary, get hold of your tickets today.

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