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The organisers behind Portsmouth Comic Con continue to pull out the stops by announcing two more homegrown superstar comic creatives: artist Chris Weston and writer Rob Williams.

Portsmouth Comic Con is a brand new event, taking place at the town’s Guildhall over the weekend of the 5th and 6th May 2018, a collaboration between the Guildhall and Tripwire Magazine which has already set out its stall with a line-up of impressive Special Guests, including the likes of Tommy Lee Edwards, Tess Fowler, Rafael Albuquerque, Frank Quitely, Dave Dorman, and the UK’s first visit in over a decade from power couple Louise and Walter Simonson.

These latest announcements are worthy additions to the roster and will be fans of STAR WARS and 2000AD:

CHRIS WESTON got his start working with TRIGON EMPIRE creator, Don Lawrence, which led to a tenure on JUDGE DREDD. First garnering attention in America, working with Mark Millar on SWAMP THING, Weston went on to work for various US publishers on THE INVISIBLES, STARMAN, JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA, LUCIFER and THE AUTHORITY. He gained a higher profile working on Grant Morrison’s THE FIFTH, but is mainly known for his sterling retro-classic work on THE TWELVE, a celebrated 12 issue limited series that re-imagined Timely (Golden Age Marvel) characters in a WATCHMEN-vein before going on to work for STAR WARS.  

Welsh comic writer, ROB WILLIAMS, kicked off his career writing CLA$$ WAR for Com.X, with artist Trevor Hairsine, Williams went on to work for 2000AD where he began his collaboration with artist Laurence Campbell, writing JUDGE DREDD, LOW LIFE and FAMILY for Rebellion. In recent years, he has written DC’s MARTIAN MANHUNTER, co-created UNFOLLOW for Vertigo and is currently writing SUICIDE SQUAD, featuring Harley Quinn, for DC.

With the high calibre of creative talent, panels, photo opportunities, quizzes, cosplay and interactive fun this convention has to offer, Portsmouth Comic Con promises to be one of the largest regional events of its kind, celebrating the art of comics, illustration and the worlds of TV and film. 

Tickets for the show are now available, including an Early Bird offer, at http://portsmouthcomiccon.com/tickets/. And keep tabs on Portsmouth Comic Con by following our own Event Page for the show, as well as checking out the events official webpage and social media (Facebook and Twitter).

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