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uk news alertI’m not going to lie: I never ‘got’ the Power Rangers. American kids, dressing up and doing what the Asian film and TV live-action anime shows had been doing for years? Seemed a bit fake and manufactured to me. And I was the target audience, too: loved my japanimation growing up and was the right age, too.

One thing’s for certain – I was in the minority, especially when it came to my school friends. They loved the antics of the day-glo super-powered teens and Saturday mornings, when Mighty Morphin Power Rangers aired here in the UK, was always a hive of activity for the fans (hence, my then-established prevalence for sleeping in when it was on and only getting out of bed when it was done. You hear that, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers? Any laziness on my part in later life can be directly attributed to you. Directly! I defer questioning on advice from my solicitor…)
Good news for those who did get up early on a weekend (lunatics!) to especially watch the Power Rangers (insanity!) – the stars of the show are making their way to London in October, just to meet you. Here’s the MCM Expo press release:


It’s morphin’ time! Power Rangers coming to MCM London Comic Con

You wait ages for a hero, and then four come along at once! MCM are delighted to announce that David Yost, Austin St. John, Walter Jones and Karan Ashley, stars of iconic ’90s show Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, are to be guests at MCM London Comic Con.

David Yost played scientific whizzkid Billy Cranston, better known as the Blue Ranger, in more than 200 episodes of the show. He also appeared in Power Rangers Zeo and 1995 big screen adaptation, Power Rangers: The Movie.

You’ll know Austin St. John best as the original Red Ranger, martial arts expert Jason Lee Scott. After starring in 81 episodes of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Austin returned for 17 episodes as the Gold Ranger in Power Rangers: Zeo and also appeared in 1997 feature film, Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie.

Walter Jones was the quick-witted Zack Taylor, the original Black Ranger, in the first 82 episodes of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. He returned to guest star as the voice of Nightmare in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy and as the villainous Gerrok in an episode of Power Rangers: Wild Force.

Playing energetic and spirited Yellow Ranger Aisha Campbell, Karan Ashley appeared in 65 episodes of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers after taking over the Yellow Ranger role from Thuy Trang. Karan also starred alongside David Yost in Power Rangers: The Movie.

For MCM London Comic Con tickets, visit: www.mcmcomiccon.com/london/tickets

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