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logo - mcm comic con thumbnailInitial reports are few and far between, with full details promised to come next week, but PHILIP GLENISTER (STATE OF PLAY, LIFE ON MARS) has tweeted that the next big event show that he is due to appear in – Robert Kirkman’s OUTCAST – will be represented at MCM London Comic Con, this May.

The two leads – Patrick Fugit (GONE GIRL, ALMOST FAMOUS) and Glenister – will be attending on the Saturday 28th May, probably on a dedicated panel, possibly in one of MCM’s famous autograph sessions – like I say, more to come in the next few days.

This is exciting stuff, as OUTCAST is already being presented in the UK as the FOX television event of the summer, to follow on the heels of Robert Kirkman‘s other hit creation, er, THE SHUFFLING THINGY-ME-BOBS. THE NOT-BREATHING HOBBLERS. STALKING FED?

Nope, lost it, it was right there. Tip of my tongue.

Based on a comic series by visionary creator Robert Kirkman and artist Paul Azaceta, OUTCAST follows Kyle Barnes (played by Fugit), a young man plagued by demonic possession all his life.

Now, with the help of Reverend Anderson (PHILIP GLENISTER), a hard-drinking West Virginia evangelist with personal demons of his own, Kyle embarks on a journey to find answers and regain the normal life he lost.

Across town from Kyle lives eight-year-old Joshua Austin (Gabriel Bateman, STALKER). To his family’s dismay, Joshua appears to be in the clutches of demonic possession …but there’s something very different about this possession and its connection to Kyle.

What Kyle discovers could change his fate — and the fate of the world — forever.

Something that tickles your fancy? Let us know in the comments below… And the second we find out more info, we’ll update this page as soon as, promise.

The event runs over the weekend of the 27th-29th May at the ExCel Exhibition Centre. You can buy your tickets for the event from the MCM Central website ticket portal – http://www.mcmexpostore.com/collections/london-comic-con

And, of course, you can keep up with MCM Central events and updates by following their social media – Facebook, Twitter (using the hashtag #mcmLDN16) and Instagram. Oh, and we’ll be doing our best to keep you in the loop as well, natch.

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