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logo - mcm comic con thumbnailCommodore 64 vs Sinclair Spectrum! Atari ST vs Amiga! BBC Micro vs Dragon! The battles may be long over but, for those of us that fought so diligently in the 8-Bit Wars, the wounds are still engrained in our memories.

(“What did you do in The 8-Bit Wars, grand-pappy?” “Son, I was entrusted to the hardest job of all: loading R-Type in on a tape machine… first time! Without crapping out!!”)

So why would MCM Expo and Genki Gear bring up such hard memories with this years official London Comic Con t-shirts, huh? Why would they do that? Are they sadists or something?!

image - MCM Expo (London Comic Con 2015, Genki Gear official t-shirt)

In all seriousness, the tees – featuring the zombie hordes of an 8-bit video game nature – have been unveiled as MCM begin ramping up preparations for the event, held again this year at London’s ExCel Centre at the Royal Victoria Dock on the weekend of the 23rd to the 25th October 2015.

The tees, available in a unisex style or in women’s fitted, are priced at £16.99 and pre-orders are available to be taken from now, up until 17th October, with attendees getting the choice to collect the shirts in person at MCM London Comic Con or, if not going, have them mailed out over the weekend, just in time for Halloween on the following 27th.

Genki Gear have produced the official tees before and this years shirts follow on the tradition of being the must-wear clothing for the Con. Head over to the MCM Expo store at www.expostore.com to get yours ordered today. And, of course, head to the online Ticket Portal to secure your spot at one of the biggest events in the UK convention calendar today, at: www.mcmexpostore.com/collections/london-comic-con

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