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logo - mcm comic con thumbnailBorn in Hammersmith, London, but brought up in New Delhi, and raised in Oregon from age 18… Does that still make Kunal Nayyar Our Cup O’ Tea? Sod it, I’m countin’ it!

That is to say, I’m not expecting the man to break out his finest Cock-er-knee – he’ll have been too young to have developed that at such a young age – but his trip back to London for MCM Comic Con, held at the ExCel Exhibition Centre in London on the weekend of 27th-29th May, might give him a chance to catch up with family here as well as fans.

From the MCM Expo press release:

Geek out with The Big Bang Theory’s Kunal Nayyar at MCM London Comic Con!

Can you think of a more appropriate Comic Con special guest than one of the stars of über geeky, smash hit sitcom THE BIG BANG THEORY? We couldn’t either; which is why we’re thrilled to announce that Kunal Nayyar – aka Raj Koothrappali – will be meeting fans on the Sunday of MCM London Comic Con!

A metrosexual astrophysicist from new Delhi, Kunal’s character Raj is socially awkward even by the standards of his friends and fellow scientists Leonard and Sheldon (and that’s saying quite a lot!). In fact, Raj was so shy around women that he used to be incapable of even speaking in their presence unless either sloshed or medicated …even if they do actually find him pretty adorable.

image credit: orangenews9.com

image credit: orangenews9.com

However, Raj got over his selective mutism at the end of season six when he was shocked into talking to Penny after being dumped by timid sort-of girlfriend Lucy. Since then he’s gone on to date Emily Sweeney, a Harvard-educated dermatologist with a taste for the macabre. Not that the course of true love has run that smoothly, of course…

As well as starring in THE BIG BANG THEORY, Kunal Nayyar voices Vijay in Nickelodeon cartoon SANJAY AND CRAIG and Gupta in animated comedy ICE AGE: CONTINENTAL DRIFT.

For MCM London Comic Con tickets visit: www.mcmexpostore.com

image credit: zimuzu.tv
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