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icon - a london super comic con thumbnailThe first major UK comic convention of 2016 – the London Super Comic Convention (LSCC), to be held at the ExCel in the capital on the weekend of the 20th/21st February – has already announced a stellar line-up of Special Guests, including industry superstars such as Frank Cho, David Aja, Katie Cook, Alex Maleev and Esad Ribic, and many, many more.

Well, today, LSCC announced a Fourth Wave of guests which continues this trend – and manages to exceed it with one guest in particular that could change every thing for a lucky attendee. Imagine being a prospective creator, getting time in front of the Senior Vice President of one of the Big Two, sharing your idea and hoping that it sets off a spark in the dude’s eyes. Well, that could be the happy situation for somebody with C.B. Cebulski arriving in London for LSCC!

Here’s the full list of the Fourth Wave of Guests as featured on the LSCC website:

  • C.B. CEBULSKI (Marvel’s Senior Vice President)
  • BABS TARR (Sailor Moon, Batgirl, Convergence Superboy)
  • SCOTT WILLIAMS (The Punisher, X-Men, Batman: Hush)
  • SARA PICHELLI (NYX, Ultimate Spider-Man, All New X-Men)
  • ALEX SAVIUK (Green Lantern, The Flash, Web Of Spider-Man)
  • LAURA BRAGA (Witchblade, Iron Man, DC Comics Bombshells)
  • MARK BUCKINGHAM (Marvelman, Fables, Hellblazer)
  • DAVID MESSINA (Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate X-Men, ROM)
  • TOM PALMER (The Avengers, Uncanny X-Men, Tomb Of Dracula)
  • YANICK PAQUETTE (Wonder Woman, Gambit, Swamp Thing)


C.B. CEBULSKI (Special Guest)

C.B. Cebulski is a writer, editor and Senior Vice President for Marvel Comics. He began his comics career editing manga in Japan whose influences he later introduced to Marvel in titles such as Marvel Mangaverse. He has written various titles for Marvel such as The Loners, Marvel Fairy Tales, X-Infernus, The Runaways and What If?. For Image Comics he penned creator-owned titles, Drain and the autobiographical anthology, Wonderlost.

His editorial role at Marvel included international talent scout and recruitment and these days as Senior VP his remit includes international business development.

Cebulski is a prolific tweeter and as a self confessed foodie, has a blog devoted to his epicurean adventures.


BABS TARR (Featured Guest)

Barbara (Babs) Tarr is currently the artist on DC’s Batgirl which she helped revamp, along with Cameron Stewart and Brendan Fletcher, to considerable acclaim.

She attended art college in Baltimore gaining a degree in illustration.

Tarr had been popular for her fan art of SAILOR MOON and was contacted blind by Cameron Stewart about drawing for DC Comics. She was certainly interested but admitted that with her manga influences she’d never drawn a traditional sequential comic book page before. With Stewart’s guidance, Tarr submitted sample pages which led to the BATGIRL gig. The title has been lauded for the revamped character and lighter tone, with an emphasis on the detective aspects.

She was originally working to Stewart’s layouts but now has graduated onto doing her own layouts now. Tarr was shortlisted for an Eisner award this year for Best Penciller/Inker.


SCOTT WILLIAMS (Featured Guest)

Well before he ever put pencil and pen to paper as an artist, Scott Williams was a long time comic book fan and collector. Merging his love for the medium with a passion for drawing and doodling, Williams embarked on a 30 year award winning career at Marvel Comics, working on such titles as Strikeforce Morituri, The Punisher and eventually teaming up with studio mate Jim Lee for a record breaking run on Marvel’s flagship title, The X-Men.

This led to a long term collaborative partnership between Lee and Williams that includedWildcats for Image comics, and the now classic Batman: Hush storyline for DC Comics. More recent projects include writer-driven books like Frank Miller‘s All Star Batman and Robin and Scott Snyder‘s Superman Unchained. As much as he continues to enjoy collaborating with top artists as an inker, he also loves to put pencil and brush to paper in creating his own unique imagery, as he recently did for Frank Miller‘s Dark Knight 3 first issue variant cover. Next up for Williams is inking Jim Lee on DARK KNIGHT 3 covers and the DK3 mini comics fourth issue.

Scott will be situated at the Scotts Collectables Tables D514-D518

ALEX SAVIUK (Featured Guest)

Alex Saviuk started his professional career at DC Comics in 1977 after studying sequential art with Will Eisner at The School of Visual Arts in NYC. Within a few short months, he became the regular artist on Green Lantern and The Flash. He also drew Superman, Hawkman, Aquaman, The Atom, and Air Wave, among others.

In 1986, Saviuk moved over to Marvel filling in on Iron Man and various covers eventually becoming the penciler on Defenders of the Earth. Then, after successfully filling in on Amazing Spider-man, he started a 7+ year run on Web of Spider-man followed by 2 more years on Spider-man Adventures.

Other work has included penciling the last 12 issues of The X-Files for Topps Comics, penciling a run on the Spider-man Sunday newspaper strip and assisting his mentor Will Eisner on The Spirit Meets The Escapist published by Dark Horse in 2005. In 2004, Alex also worked on the graphic novel Feast of the Seven Fishes nominated for an Eisner award in 2006 and penciled a Stan Lee created book called The Mighty 7, published by Archie Comics.


LAURA BRAGA (Spotlight Guest)

Laura Braga, Italian comics artist and illustrator. Born in Verona, she lives in Sardinia. She attended the International School of Comics, the Disney Academy. Her first professional works are dated 1999 as storyboard artist for tv commercials.

She worked as a comic book artist, illustrator and colorist for some of the main Italian, French-Belgian and Spanish publishers. In 2005 she met and collaborated with Milo Manara, whose influence led Laura to a more realistic style.

From 2012 to 2014 she’s been the regular artist for Top Cow‘s Witchblade. Recently she has worked for Marvel Comics on Iron Man and is currently working for DC on DC Comics: Bombshells.


MARK BUCKINGHAM (Featured Guest)

British comic artist best known for his work on the acclaimed Marvelman (Miracleman in the US) with Neil Gaiman and for his Eisner-award-winning work on the superb Fables for Vertigo for which he has been the regular artist for 9 years. Other renowned works include Shade the Changing Man with Peter Milligan and Hellblazer. Buckingham has worked on many Marvel titles including Generation X, Ghost-Rider 2099 and his successful run, Peter Parker: Spiderman.


DAVID MESSINA (Featured Guest)

After graduating at the Scuola Internazionale Di Comics of Rome, David Messina worked in the animation business (storyboarding and character design) and graphic advertising. His first work in comics was as a colourist for Devil’s Due’s Voltron and G.I.Joe Frontline, the art and colours for the prequel of Cla$$War for Com.X; and art direction for Scarabeo Publishing’s Arcana Mater (in addition to drawing the first issue of the series).

Messina’s work for IDW has included drawing the covers for and penciling the interiors of Angel, True Blood and a variety of STAR TREK titles including the prequels Countdown and Countdown to Darkness and the tie-in to JJ Abrams’s movie. For Marvel he has worked on Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate Wolverineand Wolverine and the X-Men. Other work includes Image‘s Popgun and creator-owned The Bounce with Joe Casey.

He is currently working on IDW’s relaunch of ROM with Christos Cage and Chris Ryall. Messina also founded the Kaiju Club Studio along Valerio Schiti, Emanuel Simeoni and Paolo Villanelli.


TOM PALMER (Featured Guest)

Tom Palmer is an award-winning and critically acclaimed inker for Marvel Comics during the 1960’s and 70’s. He is best known for inking Neal Adams‘ legendary runs on The Avengers and Uncanny X-Men. He is widely considered to be the definitive inker for Gene Colan‘s work having inked lengthy runs of Doctor Strange, Daredevil and Tomb of Dracula. He has also inked the pencils of John Buscema while collaborating on The Avengers and John Byrne‘s entire run on the X-Men: The Hidden Years. Palmer’s inking style is widely considered to have influenced a whole generation of inkers that would follow, including Klaus Janson, Josef Rubinstein and Bob McLeod.



Yanick Paquette is a Canadian comic book artist who has worked for a number of publishers including Marvel, DC and Topps Comics. Among the titles Paquette has worked on are Space: Above and Beyond, Wonder Woman, Adventures of Superman, Gambit, Codename Knockout, Gen13, Seven Soldiers: Bulleteer, Civil War: X-Men, Ultimate X-Men, Young X-Men, Batman Incorporated and Swamp Thing. He has recently completed the soon-to-be-released Wonder Woman: Earth One written by Grant Morrison.

image credits:
Sara Pichelli: bosslogicinc.com / David Messina: comic-gone.com / C.B. Cebulski: dorkshelf.com

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