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icon - a london super comic con thumbnailNow, this is interesting. For the first time ever, hardcore comics collectors will have the opportunity to bypass any of the middlemen and go straight to the source when it comes to having their most prized comic books graded and certificated, as CGC – the Certified Guaranty Company, based out of Florida in the U.S. – will actually be having a booth at this March’s London Super Comic Convention.

This is a big thing. We’ve all heard tales of dealing with comic book ‘experts’, both reputable and not-so-much, and the one key problem that most collectors have in the U.K. is that level of trust – to willingly hand over your most treasured possession over to get sent overseas, graded and sent back to people that may or may not be reputable themselves. There’s been no accountability. Until now, that is.

The London Super Comic Convention, taking place on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th March 2015, is the event that truly kicks off the ‘big con’ season, with Cardiff and Newcastle Film Comic Cons, from Showmasters, taking place the weekends after. However, this is also the first large convention in this country that focuses primarily on comics and the comic industry so landing CGC on their first UK appearance is a big deal. We will be attending LSCC as press and we’ll hope to speak to the chaps on the stand to see what the reaction has been and how busy they’ve gotten. Looking forward to it…

from the London Super Comic Convention press release:

The Certified Guaranty Company® (CGC®), the world’s leading comic book grading service, has announced its plans to exhibit at London Super Comic Convention 2015. While CGC representatives have authenticated autographs for its popular Signature Series at previous London Super Cons, the 2015 show will mark the first time that CGC has set up a booth to accept submissions.

According to Harshen Patel, CGC Director of Operations, the decision to expand the company’s presence in London was based on growing market demand.

“We’ve witnessed the increasing enthusiasm for comic book collecting in the UK and fully expect that trend to continue,” said Patel. “Every day more collectors are embracing the value of impartial grading by CGC, so the timing is right for us to accept submissions in London, just like we do at conventions here in the USA.”

CGC will hold a panel for those collectors who may not be entirely familiar with CGC and comic book certification. The panel will include a Q&A session to engage the audience and provide further clarification.

“We’re eager to share the CGC story and provide collectors with a better understanding of our process,” said Patel.  “The goal is to create a comfort level and bring the benefits of grading to more UK collectors, who share our passion for comic books.”

CGC will be accepting submissions for all service levels during the London Super Comic Con.  These levels include Modern, Economy, Standard and more.  CGC will also have witnesses available for all Signature Series requests at the show. Stop by the CGC booth to submit comic books or magazines for regular turnaround. All submissions will be sent to CGC’s office in Sarasota, Florida.

About Certified Guaranty Company (CGC)
Founded in 1999, Certified Guaranty Company is the hobby’s most preferred third-party grading service for collectible comics, magazines, photos and lobby cards. CGC offers expert condition analysis, including thorough restoration detection before grading and encapsulating collectibles in state-of-the-art, archival-safe holders. CGC does not buy or sell collectibles — it is committed to providing an independent opinion that collectors and dealers can always trust so they can buy and sell with confidence.


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