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icon - a london film & comic con thumbnailEDIT (24th March 2016): Looks like my hunch for a Beverly Hills Cop reunion might be right – BHC I star Bronson Pinchot has been confirmed as Special Guest at the show. Details below…

After last years extravagant pulling together of the BACK TO THE FUTURE cast (including Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox), Showmasters have set themselves a pretty high bar for this years London Film & Comic Con.

It’s looking, however, that they may be maneuvering the pieces to bring the major players of another ’80s classic to the Capital this July – BEVERLY HILLS COP star Judge Reinhold has already been confirmed as a Special Guest and, yesterday, the Showmasters Facebook page announced Billy’s partner will also be making the trip: John Ashton, who played Det. Sgt. John Taggart.

Ashton is also known from the beloved Robert De Niro-actioner MIDNIGHT RUN, as well as starring in the John Hughes-penned comedy drama SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL and having a supporting role in Ben Affleck‘s GONE BABY GONE.

profile - John Ashton (character banner)

Showmasters have yet to confirm the details of Ashton’s itinerary, including photo shoots and signing openings but we’ll keep our eyes open for any announcements. Tickets for London Film & Comic Con can be bought HERE – I’d move fast, especially with other confirmed guests such as Ron Perlman (HELLBOY), Elden Henson (DAREDEVIL), Matthew Lillard (SCREAM) and Keith David (THE THING). Big event!


Now, the question is whether other BEVERLY HILLS COP alumni will be getting the first class into Heathrow – the calendar plans of other cast members that fans will be paying close attention to will be:

  • Ronny Cox (Lieutenant Andrew Bogomil): possible but unlikely – the character actor is very much focused on his music career.
  • Jürgen Prochnow (Maxwell Dent, BEVERLY HILLS COP II): would be quite the draw, not just for BHCII but also DUNE, DAS BOOT and AIR FORCE ONE.
  • Brigitte Nielsen (Karla Fry, BEVERLY HILLS COP II): last seen in the German version of I’M A CELEBRITY… GET ME OUT OF HERE!, so she’s not above appearing at a convention!
  • Paul Reiser (Jeffery, BHC’s I & II): busy with a writing and music career but the right offer could persuade him to get on the plane.
  • Steven Berkoff (Victor Maitland): the one that would absolutely guarantee my presence at LFCC – a genuine ledge!

and, of course, the Man himself…

  • Eddie Murphy (Det. Axel Foley): it’s been a while since Eddie has had his face in the frame – he’s currently prepping for the role of LeRoy Pryor, the father of his personal hero Richard Pryor but he may be able to get away from filming to attend. Fingers crossed!

(24th March 2016) And now, it’s been confirmed that Bronson Pinchot – the comedy foil in the BCH Art Gallery scene – has also signed to appear at this year’s show. Eddie Murphy Travel Plan Alert in full effect!

What do you think – it’s a long way between now and July. Could Showmasters pull off the impossible and bring together the wise-cracking BEVERLY HILLS COP squad? Would such a line-up persuade you to make your way to the Olympia in July? Comments below, as always.

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