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This past weekend, Shane Chebsey and his team have brought their not inconsiderable expertise of running the International Comic Expo shows for an inaugural event in the south-east coastal town of Margate in the UK. Held at the majestic and historic Margate Winter Gardens over two days (Saturday 14th / Sunday 15th April 2018), it attracted some truly stellar talent from the world of comics, both small press and mainstream.

AEISD’s own Leonard Sultana was been in attendance and recorded the panels being held over the weekend – here, TRANSFORMERS and ROBOTECH writer Simon Furman talks about his career, the incredible body of work he’s created, the relationship he has with these extraordinary characters and what could be next in store for them.

Thanks to Simon for this kind permission to record and present this panel, as well as to Shane and his team for the putting on of the event.


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