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The ExCel Exhibition Centre, London

Friday 25th – Sunday 27th May 2018


JENNIFER HALE (Sons Of Anarchy / The Shield / Orange Is The New Black)

JENNIFER HALE, born in Canada and raised in the American South, is a world famous voice actress, best known for her work in video game franchises including BALDUR’S GATE, MASS EFFECT, METROID PRIME, METAL GEAR SOLID, SPIDER-MAN, BIOSHOCK INIFINITE, and STAR WARS: KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC. In 2013, she was recognised by Guinness World Records as “the most prolific video game voice actor (female)”.

In addition to video games, Hale provides the voice for a number of cartoons including WHERE ON EARTH IS CARMEN SANTIAGO?, THE REAL ADVENTURES OF JONNY QUEST, THE POWERPUFF GIRLS, CODENAME: KIDS NEXT DOOR, THE GRIM ADVENTURES OF BILLY & MANDY, BRNADY & MR. WHISKERS, AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER/THE LEGEND OF KORRA, and TOTALLY SPIES! She has provided the voice of Cinderella and Princess Aurora in various Disney Princess projects, including its direct-to-video sequels and merchandise.

To be fair, this is literally only scratching the barest limit of the surface – Hale’s Wikipedia page lists pages of iconic roles over a range of styles and media – that being said, she loves being generally anonymous. “I love the anonymity. I could walk through Comic Con, and no matter how many people who might be a fan of what I do, we’re in proximity and no one knew. I’m invisible. If I’d have done as many on-camera roles as I’ve done voiceover I couldn’t go to the grocery store in peace.” Hale also stated in the same interview that “as cheesy as it sounds, the player is the star of the game. That’s the beauty of games – that it’s you that inhabits it. It’s not about someone else, it’s about that you get to be that person, and if I do my job right, I as a person disappear. Your experience is primary.”

This will be your chance to put a face to the voice as Hale will be on hand to meet and greet with fans throughout the entire weekend of MCM Comic Con London Summer Edition – keep an eye on our our own dedicated Event Page for the show foir the latest updated details and info!

Bio: Wikipedia (edited)

MCM COMIC CON LONDON is the flagship event of the many shows that fall under the MCM Comic Expo umbrella, a portfolio of successful shows recently taken over by international convention behemoth, ReedPOP. This new partnership promises to raise the profile, experience and available talent pool for the MCM shows in the UK..

“MCM Comic Con events are the UK and Ireland’s and most exciting pop culture shows, and the only UK based shows that bring together such a broad scope of popular culture categories including; Movies, Gaming, Comics, Anime, Television, Gadgets, Clothing and Toys.

MCM aim to put on the best consumer shows for the modern pop-culture market. Our show floors are packed full of activity from live eSports matches and cosplay celebrations to experiential opportunities inspired by the movies and brand new releases of your favourite games to play.

On top of all that we have the awesome Comic Village area for independent comic artists, VidFest for upcoming YouTube stars, PopAsia to revel in all things Asian inspired and Memorabilia, our collector haven. Our theatres also play host to exclusive screenings and panels of special guests, all whom take part in photograph sessions and signings throughout the weekend.

MCM Comic Con is THE destination event to celebrate all things pop-culture, it is not to be missed by any geek, nerd, cosplayer, or fan boy and girl!”

FOLLOW ALL THE LATEST HEADLINES AND UPDATES FOR THIS CONVENTION ON ITS DEDICATED AEISD PAGE: http://www.anenglishmaninsandiego.com/event/mcm-comic-con-london-2018-summer-edition

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