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Creation Entertainment is the organiser of a number of U.S. conventions based on specific genre properties such as THE ORIGINALS, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, GOTHAM and SUPERNATURAL (the latter of which has a convention that is taking place, incidentally, this weekend in Honolulu). They’re a company that have found themselves in the firing line in the past for taking the decision to not invite cast members of currently running shows that no longer actively feature on the credits: Mark Sheppard took to Twitter in May to saltily announce that he wouldn’t be appearing at Creation shows following his departure from SUPERNATURAL, leading to a public online backlash that resulted in a turnabout for Creation a month later – Mark was then contracted to appear at the remaining shows for 2018, including the Honolulu show this weekend.

Another cast member of a series that has taken to social media to announce that she has not been invited to participate in upcoming Creation events is ONCE UPON A TIME‘s Jennifer Morrison, an actress who played a leading role in the series for its first six seasons. It’s Jennifer’s high position in the cast listing that makes her severing of ties with Creation the most surprising, and begs the question what factors have prompted to make Creation take the decision to not give the actress the call.

This is quite the decision for a convention organiser to pull talent from their call sheet, purely on the basis of their current standing of the show, especially for an performer this far up the fanbase food chain. We’ll keep an eye to see if this results in a passionate reaction from fans, and whether Creation will roll back in a similar manner as they did with Sheppard. Creation are at @CreationEnt on that there Twitter, Morrison fans…


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