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‘The Walking Dead: Escape’ event has been shuffling its way across the U.S. for about a month and a half but now it’s almost time for it to park its decomposing arse at the biggest and most interactive of the 2014 locations: San Diego’s Petco Park on the Friday and Saturday evenings of San Diego Comic-Con.

That’s right: I said ‘evenings’. In a slight change to previous year, the course that leads you through a zombie-fied apocalypse, set in the hallways, promenades and dark corridors of the Petco Park Stadium will be held a little later in the day, meaning that, as the sun sets on San Diego, the atmosphere and tension inside will rise to new, horrifying levels…

Image (c) The Walking Dead Escape

Image (c) The Walking Dead Escape

Tickets became available yesterday evening (Tuesday 10th June) and, while there are still tickets available, this has proven to be one of the premier off-sight events during SDCC so expect tickets to sell quickly: in other words, move fast, pilgrim. You can apply for tickets in the Online Store of the Official Event website and there’s a whole host of different ways you can take part.

Starting at 6pm on both Friday 25th and Saturday 26th July, applicants can become either Survivors, negotiating the course and trying to avoid the ravenous horde of the undead (a run through the course takes approx. 30mins-50mins, depending on how fast you take it: Survivor Badges are $75, or approx. £45), or you can become a Walker, infected, inhuman and very, very hungry for brains (a Walker session lasts two and a half hours, with full ‘zombie training’ – tickets are $95, or approx. £57). And, if you’re feeling particularly energetic and enthusiastic, you can apply for a VIP ticket, allowing you to be both during the course of the evening – that’ll set you back $150, or approx. ninety quid.

Image (c) The Walking Dead Escape

And while a day or two tackling the Con itself might fray you around the edges, don’t worry if you feel you’re not scary enough to be a convincing Walker: The ‘Walking Dead: Escape’ team will fully make you up and train you to be a fully functional zombie, ready to drool and snarl at those poor souls, running through the course. However, if you don’t think you’re going to have the energy to run the thing, or don’t want to take the time to endure the makeup process and keep up the scares as a Walker, you can still watch events unfold on the course from special spectator locations from a safe distance – tickets for this, you big wuss, are $20, or around twelve quid. Kills an evening, right?

The event is run by Skybound Entertainment, set up in 2010 by ‘Walking Dead’ creator Robert Kirkman as a multimedia company to publish his books, develop television shows based on his properties and scare the living shit out of a lot of people, courtesy of these interactive events, the design and tone of which is overseen by the man himself. So you can be guaranteed that, when you step into the course of ‘The Walking Dead: Escape’, you’re fully entering the world of The Walking Dead – hope you’ve packed a spare pair of undercrackers!

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