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If you’re travelling across the pond to San Diego this summer and you’re new to the whole San Diego Comic-Con experience, you might not know what to expect away from the Convention Center. The streets are full of weird and wonderful sights, the hotels and halls have a whole bunch of distractions… And the Petco Park Stadium hosts some incredibly exciting events as an unofficial second site for SDCC 2014.

image (c) The Walking Dead Escape

image (c) The Walking Dead Escape

As well as providing a home for Zachary Levi’s Nerd Machine ‘Nerd HQ’ panels, for the couple of years, Petco has also provided an epic venue for an interactive zombie run, tied in with AMC’s The Walking Dead: The Walking Dead Escape.

The tie-in allows fans to experience a full-on zombie apocalypse as either a runner, avoiding the clutches of infected ‘walkers’, or as a zombie themselves. The route takes you racing through the bowels of the Stadium, as well as screaming along the walkways and dodging a ghoulish grip in the back alleys. (Sounds like Wakefield on a Saturday night out!)

Image (c) The Walking Dead Escape

Image (c) The Walking Dead Escape

Well, in 2014, The Walking Dead Escape returns to San Diego – but this time, it’s heading there after a cross-country sojourn, kicking off a tour in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on April 24th, before journeying through Houston, Miami, Jacksonville, New Orleans and Atlanta.

Perhaps you may be a Brit holidaying in one of these cities before heading to San Diego; while you’re there, you may be deciding to spend all the available time at Comic-Con getting some well-needed sleep or perhaps partying it up in the evening. (Or, just maybe, camping out in a panel line, somewhere!) This tour may give you the chance to give the exciting event a go beforehand.

Image (c) 2014 The Walking Dead Escape

Either way, if you get the opportunity to get the blood pumping and the adrenalin flowing, you won’t get a better chance than this – every UK Con Attendee I’ve spoken to who has taken part has said, without exception, it’s an absolute friggin’ blast. (Me? Done this? Nah, I’m wa-aaaay too much of a wuss to take on zombies!)

Comedian and nerd Alison Haislip took a crack at the run at San Diego Comic-Con last year:

And The Nerdist’s own Jonah Ray braved it on the year before:

The whole thing just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger – and we can’t wait to see what the WDE Team have planned for Petco Park in 2014! Find out more about the event – including how to sign up for the Mailing List and how to buy tickets – at The Walking Dead Escape’s official website.

Have you taken part in this at Con’s in the last couple of years? Have you got any survivors stories – or undead tales – to share? Post in the comments below…

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