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The off-site activations are what have made San Diego Comic-Con become the single biggest pop culture celebration on the planet: the ability for fans to explore beyond the San Diego Convention Center, and discover and enjoy complimentary distractions in numerous spaces across the breadth of Downtown San Diego.

In previous years, the Lexus Parking Lot of Petco Park Stadium has seen home to a host of different companies and activations filling the space, but the space didn’t have a cohesive throughline, a theme or structure that tied the whole thing together.

However, for 2018, ‘experimental and traditional marketing’ promotions experts Grandesign – the company behind many of the most popular off-site spaces at SDCC and other cons, as well as the wraps that make up the visual language of San Diego Comic-Con – had been tasked by Petco Park to create a unified space, bringing all of the brands together but doing so in a manner that made sense for visitors, as well as providing a focal point for late night con attendees with attractions leading throughout the evening.

We spoke to Grandesign‘s Chief Operating Officer, Robert Ridgeway, on the TALKIN’ COMIC-CON: A CUP O’ TEA WITH… podcast prior to the convention getting under way – here, on the Saturday of the show, we got to speak to Robert again, to see if all the ambitious plans the company had made had come to fruition…

Thanks to Robert for his generous time, and also to Kate Kelly for organising these interviews.

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