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Life comes at you pretty fast. Just as Nerd HQ fans had just wrapped their heads around the knowledge that their favourite off-site event during San Diego Comic-Con week had been knocked on the head, The Nerd Machine chief pumbah, Zachary Levi was announced to be the host of this years SyFy‘s coverage, replacing Will Arnett who held court in 2016.

The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Levi, along with TNM partner-in-crime David Coleman, will also be executive producing the SyFy LIVE FROM COMIC-CON talk shows through his Middle Man Productions banner. Last year, the shows were held from the rooftop of the Marriott Marquis & Marina but no venue has been determined as yet for the 2017 shows. One thing is for certain: SyFy will, be wanting some of that CONAN AT COMIC-CON sizzle, and hope that Levi can bring that with him, along with his nerd cred. Oh, and some of his superstar mates, obvs.

As THR reports, Syfy‘s Senior VP of Alternative Development and Production Heather Olander said in a statement, “We are excited to be back in business with Zac as we prepare for this year’s LIVE FROM COMIC-CON. Not only is he an immensely talented multi-hyphenate, but he’s a true fan himself and a Con favourite.”

Heather went on to lay out what they intended for the show this year: “With Zac as our host, we are guaranteed to bring a fan-first perspective to our coverage, providing an all-access inside look at breaking news, celebrity interviews and the on-the-ground interactions that make San Diego Comic-Con the premiere genre event!”

Ambitious. We like it. And it’s not like Levi hasn’t been up on the SyFy stage before, of course.

“I am beyond thrilled to be collaborating with Syfy during such a powerful year for their network.” said Levi. “As always, we are hard at work trying to bring the fans the most entertaining experience and content possible. My hope is that this year in San Diego will be one of the most memorable ever.”

Levi said, in his video about the decision to park Nerd HQ this year, that he wants to bring some elements of the charity event to various activations around the city – I can only imagine that he’ll want to fuse some of that intimate Conversations For A Cause vibe to the SyFy presentation. Fully expect a mad flurry for seat tickets for the shows when they announced: watch this space.

The announcement of the Nerd HQ cancellation came on Friday evening, with the Syfy announcement coming hot on its heels on the Saturday – on Sunday’s Talkin’ Comic-Con: A Cup O’ Tea… podcast, I stated that it wasn’t out of the realm of possibility that a sharp head at Syfy had seen Zachary’s video and instantly put two and two together; however, our friends at The Con Guy have said that they had heard about the Nerd HQ news some point last week. They also note that two major sponsors of the event had bailed, meaning the required $700k to hold the show came up way short.

Not to dwell over the timeline of this too much but maybe my theory of the ‘fortuitous aligning of the stars’ is a little bit of a pipedream and that this SyFy deal is something that’s been on the table for quite some time. Who knows? We’ll see how the meeting of minds works out, this July.

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