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They’re the most outlandish of all the time-travellers – and they’re coming for you, this San Diego Comic-Con (Thursday 20th – Sunday 23rd July, Preview Night Wednesday 19th). Adult Swim have announced the RICK AND MORTY ‘Don’t Even Trip Road Trip’, currently hitting many, many stops across the U.S. as we speak (Atlanta this weekend!) and making a much-anticipated respite at SDCC 2017.

The Rickmobile is part mobile traffic botherer, part merch truck, dishing out all sorts of goodies as the show gets ready to continue barrelling through its third season (the first episode of which, ‘The Rickshank Rickdemption’ guest-starring Nathan Fillion, aired on April Fools Day, with the rest of the season this summer – TBC, as they say in ‘the biz’.)

This is going to be something that’s going to make quite the impression at Comic-Con this year and you’ll have to fight through the crowds to get to it – such is the fervour the show instills. Honestly, it’s like they’ve been charmed by Mr. Poopy Butthole or something. Incredible.

No times or precise locations for the Rickmobile’s presence as yet. Watch this space. And time. And time and space.

UPDATE: (19/05/2017) Start saving up, kids. You got some merch to get your hands on…

You can prepare for the Rickmobile’s arrival by getting hold of an Official Tour T-Shirt, save you fighting the crowds. Psychedelic, man.

Buy yours, here: https://asseenonadultswim.com/products/rickmobile-tour-t-shirt

And you can keep up to date with all of the news from the world of the #Rickmobile by following the Tour on Twitter and Instagram. And on our dedicated Event Page from our 2017 Off-Sites Calendar, too, of course.

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