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And this is where, if you’re a Brit, you’ll more than likely stare at the headline above with vacant bemusement. It’s understandable: Mystery Science Theater 3000 (or MST3K, as it’s known colloquially) never made the journey across t’pond on its release, back in the late ’80s.

However, it’s popular enough with the Colonials that it’s got quite the cult following, even today – enough to create a record breaking Kickstarter revival effort, enough to have that revival air on Netflix, and certainly enough to have the San Diego leg of the Live Tour unseat Chris Hardwick from his near-traditional home of the Balboa Theatre during San Diego Comic-Con.

I don’t think Chris will be too bothered, mind, seeing as the 2017 reboot features his Nerdist Podcast ‘sister-wife’ Jonah Ray in the role of the human test subject of the show (aboard the spaceship Satellite Of Love, kidnapped and forced to endure cheesy B-movies, over which he and his robot pals chime in with snarky and snippy interjections. Look, it’s easier to present the rather addictive opening credits to the original show, rather than try and explain it!)

Since the show came off the air in 1999, creator (and original host) Joel Hodgson has conjured live stage presentations and panel revivals, leading to the new Netflix edition. Now, off the back of this iteration, a live tour – WATCH OUT FOR SNAKES! – has been conjured, kicking off in June in Boston, snaking (no pun intended) across the States and calling in to San Diego, on Friday 21st and Saturday 22d July.

The concurrent evenings shows will actually be of two different presentations – Friday’s which will be of a classic MST3K screening, EEGAH from 1962, while Saturday’s will be a brand new ‘Secret Surprise Film’. So, fans of the show can choose between a familiar friend or a brand new introduction; either way, both shows will encourage audience participation and interaction. So, if we’re being honest, ROCKY HORROR with an actual cheesy Hollywood movie. And now tights and corsets required. Result.

Tickets go on sale to the General Public this Friday 19th May at 12 Midday PDT (that’s 8pm Proper Grown-Up British Time) and you can expect the good seats down the front to sell pretty sharpish. The Ticketmaster links for the two days are:

You can edge your bets by signing up for the Balboa Theatre newsletter which will send out a Pre-Sale link on Thursday, or by having an American Express card which will have an available link open this Wednesday, you flash bugger.

Find out more on our Event Page for the shows, the Facebook event pages (yup, they’ve created for each day, the Friday and the Saturday), and by keeping a close watch on the MST3K Twitter feed. Best of luck.

(All of this, of course, has begged the question about what Chris Hardwick is actually going to be up to on his evenings in San Diego. well, the way I see it, the man has a couple of options – find a local comedy club which he can rock out his acerbic live standup set (shame the American Comedy Co. is all booked up, eh?), sit in on his mate Jonah’s MST3K performance, or even – shock, horror! – just take a nice, relaxing evening in town with his new missus, Lydia. Just relax, chill out, take in the city. Look, I’m just saying, I know which I’d plump for.

We’ll keep our eyes open for what Chris will be doing this San Diego Comic-Con, of course. We’re guessing, ‘a lot’.)

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