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UPDATE [23rd June 2017]: last night saw Conan O’Brien take to the stage of his show to officially announce his Comic-Con shows, being held at the Spreckels Theatre from Wednesday 19th to Saturday 22nd July. The show is then going to be aired on the Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday evenings at 11pm (ET/PT) on TBS, after some skillful and hectic editing by a team trapped inside a hotel room, fed only Pringles and Gummi Bears.

Conan also officially unveiled the POP! Funko figures that will be available this year, which we already knew about from the trolley wraps that have been spotted around town: a Spidey Conan, an Flash Conan, a Jedi Conan (nothing like keeping the Marvel gang happy, eh?), and a very spooky looking GAME OF THRONES White Walker Conan. Tasty.

There’s also going to be a ‘MonoConan’ up for grabs, available only through limited activations and giveaways taking place during Comic-Con. If there’s a Holy Grail of POP! Funko figures this year, this is most likely going to be it.

These will be handed out each performance to the lucky audience members that manage to land the free tickets, soon to be made available: the page and the performance links are currently showing on the CONAN O’BRIEN show page on 1iota.com but the links aren’t live just yet – they are announced as to go on sale as of today, Friday 23rd July, so watch our Twitter for when they pull the trigger on that, we’ll be paying close attention to the page ourselves.


You do have to have a 1iota profile up and running to bag these tickets, you can apply for up to FOUR tickets per show, you can apply if you’re from out of the country (but you do have to tell them otherwise in your profile) and if you’re lucky (and if you’re over 16 – potential swears and frisky business, ahoy!), you’ll be able to say that you’ve been in the audience of a Hollywood TV show with some pretty big guests up on stage. Best o’ luck!

(PS. we’ve been informed that, in the past, people have been able to bag the Conan POP!’s without going to the show, buy taking part in a lottery draw setup at the Manchester Grand Hyatt, the days after taping, no doubt shifting the excess stock so they don’t have to drag them back to Los Angeles like schlubs. No official word on that this year but we’ll keep our ears open for you, yeah? Got your back, bruv.)

[30th April 2017] Conan O’Brien – late night chat show host, bon vivant, mans man, ladies man, man about town – will be returning to the Spreckels Theatre in San Diego for another run of live shows, bringing his own brand of ‘zany, wacky’ humour to Comic-Con, an event renowned for its sombre and dour nature. He’s not the hero we need right now, but the hero we deserve.

We don’t have too much information, beyond the Outside Comic-Con sighting of the billboard above the entrance to the theatre, updated to announce the ginger chaps triumphant return.

A little bit upsetting, as the dates only list three days of taping – for 2015 and 2016, we had four days of Wednesday through Saturday, with the shows airing the following evening on TBS – but no doubt this might mean quality over quantity, with Conan bringing more incredible guests from the SDCC-representing Beautiful People… And, of course, those highly desired Conan-styled POP! Funko figures. More details as we hear, of course.

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