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HBO have announced an off-site for all those eager fans of GAME OF THRONES, ready to embrace the harsh winter of the upcoming Season 7, due to land in a couple of weeks time – and how’s the best way to get ready for something called ‘Winter Is Here’? Lining up in the San Diego heat for hours on end!

And lining up is what you will have to do, what with the rabid excitement that builds around San Diego Comic-Con GOT off-sites: we fully expect there to be a similar crowd gathering for the Winter In Here Experience, scheduled to open on Thurs 20th/Friday 21st (11am – 5pm), Saturday 22nd (10am – 5pm) and Sunday 23rd (9am – 1pm).

The off-site is to held at its traditional home of 728 L. Street, just down from the Hard Rock Hotel, across from the Omni Hotel and opposite Petco Park – lines are know to snake all the way up Tony Gwynn Drive. Here’s hoping that shade will protect you enough if you’re planning to give this a go. Best of luck!



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