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logo - comic-con thumbnail (distressed)It’s an event which many consider a San Diego Comic-Con staple – it’s one of the first off-site events that Yours Truly discovered about when researching his first ever trip across to the con, back in 2010. The much-loved Zombie Walk: San Diego, organized by Jennifer Muzquis, even featured in the Morgan Spurlock COMIC-CON EPISODE IV: A FAN’S HOPE documentary and it’s reinforced by the massive success of undead-centric shows like I, ZOMBIE and THE WALKING DEAD – Comic-Con loves zombies!

Last year saw the event take a massive, informal scaling back, almost to the point of invisibility, following a tragic event that took place in 2014, involving an impatient driver, plowing his way through the line of enthusiastic con attendees, making their way through Downtown San Diego – the crowd were gathered in the wake of that year’s Zombie Walk, embroiling the event organisers in a fraught legal battle, placing incredible personal strain on Jennifer. All of which means, while Zombie Walk may be returning this July, this may be the last one of these Walks, certainly with her at the helm.

Jennifer will be joining us on this Sunday’s Talkin’ Comic-Con: A Cup O’ Tea with… Google+ Hangout – while we won’t be discussing the legalities or the negatives of putting on such an event, we will be talking about the challenges of negotiating so many moving parts and the positives of holding the Zombie Walk. I, for one, am really glad to see it return to full strength in 2016!

The event is listed as taking place on Saturday, 23rd July at 6pm PT – subject to change, of course, so best to keep a weather eye on the official Facebook page for further updates.

From the Facebook event page:


That’s right… we’re baaaa-aaaaack! Just in time for our tenth* annual walk during Comic-Con week! (*There may have been a secret ultra short mini-walk last year for tradition’s sake – oops, did I admit that? – so it totally counts! 😉 )

No pre-party, no after-party… just shuffling through our beloved America’s Finest City with America’s Finest Zombies, during Comic-Con, for the tenth year in a row.

Exact details will be announced soon. Time may change. Exact meetup location will be added closer to the date.

Rumor has it that the Reel Guise Cosplay Walking Dead group will be at the front of the walk this year ;

If you’ve ever thought about joining us before, I’d STRONGLY suggest you do so this year. It is very possible this is our last walk.

We may shift gears to another event for next year, but the walk itself is likely retiring after a decade of shambling through America’s Finest City.

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