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our cup o teaWe can’t quite believe we’re typing the words: The San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog has reported on the announcement that British poptartlets One Direction will be kickstarting the North American leg of their forthcoming On The Road Again 2015 Tour in San Diego at the Qualcomm Stadium on Thursday 9th July – the very day that San Diego Comic-Con also opens its doors to the city.

This will only add to the mania surrounding San Diego as thousands of visiting ‘Directioners’ descend on the city to see their favourite five-some peddle their pish and bibble on one of only two Californian dates (San Diego on the 9th, San Francisco on the 11th). The Stadium (the home for the San Diego Chargers in its day-time role) has capacity for over 71,000 visitors but this is the listed detail for seated events and many more will be expected to be crammed inside the venue, located in the Mission Valley area of the city, when the show kicks off at 7pm.

While the event is taking place far enough away from Downtown to truly make an impact on the running of San Diego Comic-Con and also still considered to be a true SDCC ‘off-site event’, many are questioning the logic of holding the concert in the city on that exact week. It will prove incredibly unfair on dedicated 1D fans, travelling into the area specifically to see the show, who may want to get hotels in a week when room spaces are sparse as it is and prices are inflated especially for con week. It may also add to the strain on restaurants, transport infrastructure and the demand of earplugs for those not particularly tickled by the warbling of these pop prats. Honestly, just check out what they sound like live!

Just kidding!

The behemoth that is One Direction does not seem to show any sign of decreasing in popularity with the band – Niall HoranZayn MalikLiam PayneHarry Styles and Louis Tomlinson – being listed as the Biggest Selling Album Artists Worldwide for 2014 with their latest effort, Midnight Memories, selling 4m copies in its first six weeks of release, making sure that this concery will be a soll-out affair; if any SDCC attendees are thinking of adding the show to their Con calendar, tickets will go on sale at 10am on the 1st November, selling for approx £25-£62 before admin/booking charges ($39.50-$99.50) . This tour will prove to be a tidy coin for the boys, however, it’s uncertain whether the boys have scheduled this concert in particular to spend any of their ‘hard-earned’ cash down on the Exhibition Floor.

One thing is for certain – if five cockily-walking cosplayers, dressed in matching full-body outfits, are seen strutting around San Diego on the afternoon of the Thursday, flanked by just a couple too many well-built ‘casual bystanders’, it’s safe to say the boys have elected to take in the sights and sounds of Downtown at the height of Nerdvana. You’ll know it’s them: one of the pack will be acting incredibly uncomfortably about how the Spider-Man mask is ruining his ‘doo…

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