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logo - comic-con thumbnail (distressed)Super Geeked Up are three particularly geeky superstars of the podcast scene, with a hugely successful run of web series that goes live every Wednesday evening (Thursday morning for us in the UK – a tidy little pressie for the morning commute!): Jeff Burns, Tonya Dodds and Nicole Wright always have plenty to talk about and they always have super awesome guests.

Well, the good news is that two of the trio will be descending on San Diego to take part in an exciting panel covering the new wave of geek & nerd related web content, taking place on Thursday 9th July at 8pm in Room 29AB‘Web Series Creators: The Next Generation’ will be looking at the future of web series and the future of digital space.

Jeff and Nicole will be joined on stage by a raft of talent, including Sandeep Parikh (The Guild, The Real Housewives of Horror), Joanna Sotomura (Video Game High School, Emma Approved), Jonathan Robbins (Out With Dad, Clutch), Christine Lakin (Telltale Games The Walking Dead, Lovin’ Lakin), and one of my personal favourites Brea Grant (Heroes, The Real Housewives of Horror).

Jeff and Nicole can then celebrate the success of the panel for a spell… but it’s only going to be for a brief one because they’ve then got to get themselves ready for their live show which will be taking place on the Friday at 7pm at Villainous Lair Comics and Gaming, at 3220 Adams Avenue in San Diego, right at the top end of town – a bit of a trek, granted, but very much worth it as Jeff and Nicole will be broadcasting the latest episode of the show, as well as giving out loads of goodies to the assembled throng. (Yes, I called the Super Geeked Up audience an ‘assembled throng’. And I want that term to stick as they assemble. And, indeed, throng.)

image - sdcc 2015 (Super Geeked Up live show)

I’m a fan of Super Geeked Out: I first became aware of this podcast via the work of Jeff Burns as the creator of Super Knocked Up, a web series I seriously got into when I first started going to Comic-Con. (I’m not going to lie, I’m more of a fan of the first Jessica James but I grew to love Jourdan Gibson as her replacement.)

The SGU gang, accepting their well-earned silverware at the 2015 IAWTV Awards.

The Super Geeked Out ‘pod is always a fun listen and I have no doubt the live show will be more of the same – I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it, what with my own dance card becoming incredibly full as it is, but if you are finding yoursefl with something to do on the Friday night, you won’t go far wrong by making the trip out to Adams Ave. And if you do go, do take some pics and drop us a line, letting us know how it all went – enjoy!!

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