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Comic-Con… Haute couture… Not exactly two terms that you’d usually see sat side-by-side comfortably in the same sentence! We do geek tee-shirts, we do ‘Lord Of The Rings’ and ‘Doctor Who’ rings and cosplay. But, come this July, nerds are also going to have high fashion land squarely on their doorstep. 

Her Universe, a female-lead geek brand created by ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ voice actress Ashley Eckstein, has announced the first ‘full scale geek couture fashion and design competition’ to take place at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con at a fashion show to be held on Thursday 24th July.

Eckstein said in a statement: “Fangirls are already using the halls of San Diego Comic-Con International as their runway to showcase custom fashions. We wanted to give these designers a bigger stage to share their talent and also provide an educational experience in the fashion industry.”

Thirty designers are going to be selected to take part in the show, with the brief to submit ‘geek couture’ inspired fashion, based on ‘anything that is celebrated at Comic-Con’, but they’re not looking for ‘costumes’. Safe to say, there’s enough of those kicking around San Diego during the whole week of Con. The contest rules are after something a little more… chic.

Some of you may remember the stunning Avengers Gowns by Kelsey Michele on deviantart that did the rounds around the time the film hit the screens. They were absolutely amazing, right? That’s the kind of thing Her Universe are after.

image - avengers formal dresses (toughtink.tumblr.com)


Her Universe partner Michael Rego says that the company is “excited to shine the spotlight on female fans and fashion.” (Male designers are welcome to enter too, by the way, but all designs must be womenswear). There’s been some suggestions included with the contest rules – frankly, they could’ve posted Kelsey’s artwork, it’s pretty damned similar.

image - Her Universe contest examples 01

image - Her Universe contest examples 02

image - Her Universe contest examples 03

One winner of the contest will be selected by a venerable panel of judges, which is one thing; another will be chosen by the show’s audience. So, you’ll get one winner based on the fashion ethos of the competition and another on how much the model and outfit resembles Tom Hiddleston. Don’t lie, you know that’s how it’s gonna go down.

Thoughts – especially if you’re quite the clothes horse? Can you find yourself sitting in the audience for the competition? And which characters, shows or films would you like to see represented on the catwalk?

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