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The San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog are reporting on the news of the return of Comic-Con heroes, ‘Clerks/Mallrats’ director/raconteur Kevin Smith and actor, comedian, and radio host Ralph Garman, to the House Of Blues theatre in San Diego for the week of Comic-Con International on Friday 25th July, 11pm PST – so, if you’re a hardcore Hall H attendee and thinking of overnight queuing for Saturday’s panels, you may have to choose between that and this very hotly tipped event!

Tickets will be available from the Live Nation website from this Thursday May 1st, 7pm GMT (11am PST/2pm EDT) at around £12 and £18 for general admission and just over £24 reserved seating ($20-30 general admission, $41 reserved seating) – these prices are only for those in possession of the treasured offer code listed in the dark recesses of t’interwebs. That’s probably going to be somewhere on Kev’s webpage and/or Twitter, the sneaky devil.

Tickets will go on sale for everybody else, the day after: Friday 2nd May, at 6pm (10am PST/1pm EDT) . This is going to prove to be one of the must-see shows in town – if you’re going, you can expect some blue language, some raucous tales and some major belly laughs (if you’re over 21, of course. Sorry, kiddiewinks.)

If we discover said offer code, we’ll sneakily post it on our Twitter feed. Because we’re nice like that. Follow us today!

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