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Spooky. Just as we get a number of AEISD readers contacting us via social media to ask if we had any word on the New York Comic Con badge sale schedule – seeing that, this time last year, fans already had had the opportunity to participate in the NYCC Badge Presale – show organisers ReedPOP have emailed those in their Fan Verification contact list to let them know what’s happening and when. Let’s break it down for you:

  • WEDNESDAY, 9TH MAY: Fan Verification Confirmation Email

“Keep an eye on your email! By end of day on May 9, fans with accounts from 2017 and 2017 will get an email to confirm details. You must confirm your account details are correct by May 30 or the Fan Verification profile will be deleted and you won’t be ale to participate in the Presale.”

Eeep – harsh! Still, it makes sense, on ReedPOP’s back end: why keep a load of dead accounts lying around, either from fans that have attended in previous years and then feel they’ve scratched that particular itch. or perhaps dummy accounts created by sneaky buggers wanting to play the system? Whatever the reason, just sweeps away a couple of cobwebs.

  • SUNDAY, 10th JUNE: NYCC Badge Presale

“Only Fan Verified fans from 2016 and 2017 are eligible.”

That’s quite a big capture range, two years instead of the traditional one. Still, gives a bunch of returning fans a crack at the badge – even if it is at the expense of any fresh blood.

  • WEDNESDAY, 13th JUNE: Fan Verification Opens

“REQUIRED to purchase an NYCC 2018 badge.”

ReedPOP are pretty confident in their I.T. that they’re not giving themselves too big a window between Presale closing and launching straight into creation of new Fan Verification accounts. Brave souls.

  • SUNDAY, 8th JULY: Fan Verification Closes

“Make sure to Fan Verify BEFORE this date!”

‘Nuff said – that’s nearly a month’s window to get yourself all Fan Verified up in preparation for the Badge Sale, plenty of time. Still, it’s the date of said Badge Sale that’s the biggest needle drop for the most dedicated of convention goers…

  • SUNDAY, 15th JULY: NYCC Badge Onsale

“All Fan Verified fans are eligible.”

Sunday, the fifteenth. Of July.

The weekend before San Diego Comic-Con week. Ooooooh boy!

Safe to say, anyone who’s attending SDCC this year and are wanting to attend NYCC for the first time in 2018 will be working out the math on their available spending money – might mean missing on an exclusive or two but that’s the way the cookie crumbles, kids!

If you’re planning on taking part in either of the sales, the very best of luck to you.

As it happens, the process of opening a Fan Verification account is up and running right now, for the moment – head to https://www.newyorkcomiccon.com/Users/Sign-Up/ if you’re thinking of attending the show this year, don’t have one in place and don’t want to follow the letter of the schedule above. You rebel, you.

Keep up to date with everything NYCC by following their social media – website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, even good ol’ Google+! And, of course, keep an eye on us too for all the latest updates: @EnglishmanSDCC on Twitter and Instagram.

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