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UPDATED (27th June 2017, 23.10pm GMT): Stand down, people, stand down! Thank goodness, there’s been a bit of confusion in the New York Comic Con office and thankfully, it’s been resolved – Mark Hamill WILL be signing at autograph occasions in the future, just NOT for the rest of the year, after NYCC 2017. Still means that, if you want to mournfully gaze up at Master Luke without a word being said between you, this October will be the last chance for that to happen.

There are moments that you treasure, opportunities that you aim for in your life. And then there is that feeling when you realise that those moments, those opportunities, have slipped and passed you by. Meeting Mark Hamill (SLIPSTREAM, JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK, some other stuff) is surely one of those moments. And, after this October, expect some slipping and passing, er, so to speak.

Mark has been confirmed to be appearing at this years New York Comic Con (Thursday 5th – Sunday 8th October 2017) on the Saturday and Sunday of the event, and ReedPOP have announced that this will be his final autographing convention appearance in the US. Like, FINAL final. Finito. Definite. Absolute. Done and done.

‘Han Solo at Starkiller base’ final, you could say.

This is another step in Mark’s distancing from the autographing circuit, in an attempt to make the signatures that he has done more personal and individual. Back in 2015, the actor announced that he wouldn’t be signing at THE FORCE AWAKENS premiere, saying that he was frustrated at seeing his Hancock showing up on eBay from gougers mere hours later. (Shouldn’t he have been actually watching the film at that point?? Mobile phones in cinemas, man. Special place in hell.)

This may not mean that Mark won’t sign personalized items for those that prove themselves to be dedicated fans at individual events (no, cornering him in public restrooms does NOT count), but when it comes to actual conventions, New York Comic Con is the Last Huzzah. The question now becomes, whether this now means that Mark won’t be heading to conventions in the future, period. Because the answer to that question could give us a sense of what the future holds for Mr. Skywalker in the upcoming STAR WARS chapter, THE LAST JEDI – no need to appear at conventions for the franchise if, y’know, Luke, well, y’know…

Finito. Definite. Absolute. Done and done.

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