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logo - Image Expo (green) smallWe may be knee-deep in C2E2 stuff right now, and WonderCon Los Angeles is just around the corner, but there are other exciting thing happening in the world of con culture at the moment, including a gathering, taking place in a couple of weeks time in Seattle: IMAGE EXPO 2016.

This exciting event, held at the Showbox Market Theatre and geared around the creative forces and behind-the-scenes machinations of the dynamic independent comics publisher, will be held on Wednesday 6th April and puts fans face-to-face with some incredible talent, including the likes of THE NEW 52: BATGIRL creative team Babs TarrBrendan Fletcher and Cameron Stewart, Ed Brubaker (THE FADE OUT), Jonathan Hickman, Rick Remender (TOKYO GHOST), Alison Sampson (GENESIS), Joe Harris (SNOWFALL) and Leila Del Duca (SHUTTER).

Image fans can also lay their hands on a whole raft of exclusive merch, available only at on the day, including:

  • BLACK ROAD #1 by Brian Wood and Garry Brown, cover art by Garry Brown;
  • THE FIX #1 by Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber, cover art by Steve Lieber
  • GRIZZLY SHARK #1 by Ryan Ottley and Ivan Plascencia, cover art by Ryan Ottley
  • TOKYO GHOST by Rick Remender and Sean Gordon Murphy convention exclusive hardcover
  • Image Comics T-shirts
  • and Image Comics tote bags. Mmmm, tote bags.

IMAGE EXPO 2016 is a day-long event (10am-6pm), set up as foreplay for the massive Emerald City Comic Con which starts the following day and runs from Thursday 7th to Sunday 10th April, held at the Washington State Convention Centre, a mere seven blocks away. This doesn’t promise that the special guests at the Image Expo will be in any fit state for Day One of ECCC, however…

The evening of the Expo will allow these ever-so calm, considered and serious serious SERIOUS creative types to forget about layouts and deadlines for a spell, let their hair down and jive the night away at the Image Expo Spring Formal, also held at the Showbox Market Theatre. Attendees and encouraged to don their formal wear for a night on the tiles with their fellow comics fans, creators, press, and retailers. Renowned DJ’s-to-the-comics-industry – and Eisner Award-nominated WICKED +THE DIVINE creators – Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie will be spinning the mp3’s to the throbbing masses. We suspect it might look like this:

image - Image Comics (The Wicked + The Divine #8, dancefloor)

But with more bow-ties, of course.

“Obviously, Jamie and I play all kinds of music, varying from early-period Robyn, to mid-period Robyn lightened with a little sprinkling of late-period Robyn,” teased Gillen. “But really, this is the first opportunity we’ve had to bring the Thought Bubble dancefloor experience over Stateside, which is basically The Church Of THE WICKED + THE DIVINE (featuring the sacristy of PHONOGRAM). The aim is to make people dance in ways they really shouldn’t, and we – and our handpicked colleagues – will do anything to achieve our goal. Admittedly, this will inevitably involve some Robyn. You know what we’re like.”

The 18+ only, after-party shindig is also giving Image Comics the chance to acknowledge the work and efforts of a truly special collective of people: THE VALKYRIES, a group that has made great strides over the past several years building an accepting, inclusive community and repeatedly championing diversity within the comics industry – and will highlight the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund’s important efforts to protect and promote diverse creators and their work.

Babs Tarr will be on hand to present the Valkyrie crowning ceremony and all registered Valkyrie members are encouraged to attend by submitting their credentials here, http://goo.gl/forms/vj2nfa5cqB,  for a complimentary ticket to the Formal by Friday, March 25.

Sounds like a blast. You can get tickets for the Spring Formal on their own, HERE, but you can also get them as an Image Expo Premium Admission Ticket holder, with which you’ll get entrance to the Dance, a Image Comics t-shirt, a tote bag, a selection of the variants listed above AND access to the Premium signing session. And some serious bragging rights.

For more about Image Expo, and to buy tickets, visit: https://imagecomics.com/expo/

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