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AEISD: DesignerCon has set itself as a convention of note, purely because of its organisers commitment to its original concept, without bowing to the commercial pressures of modern events, such as other pop culture medias: the show remains a celebration of pure creativity of art and design, either in the fields of collectible toys, designer goods and urban, underground and pop art. It’s an impressive show, even for someone who has seen it grow vicariously through our live reports.

This years show (Saturday 11th – Sunday 12th November) was another huge success, almost bursting out of the seams – and physical limitations – of the Pasadena Convention Center. AEISD Contributor Dan Berry was on hand on the Saturday of the show – and it damn near actually broke him…

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Dan Berry: This past Saturday, I attended DesignerCon for the third straight year and it is becoming one of my favorite conventions of the year. If you like art in various forms, like vinyl figures, t-shirts, dioramas, artwork (prints, paintings, etc), this is definitely the convention for you.

This year, they did a lot of advertising for the convention including street banners and it paid off big time with lots of people in attendance… and can you blame them?! Two Day Passes for the event are only $15 (or $35 for VIP, which gets you in an hour early), which is by far the best value for a convention of this size.

The convention takes place in the Pasadena Convention Center and occupies three different halls – crowds were everywhere which was great to see, considering most of the vendors are wholly independent artists showing off their wares.

Next year, the organisers are moving DesignerCon to the Anaheim Convention Center and expanding it from two days to three, and I am looking forward to attending the show again next year.

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  1. @WeirdleSisters, you should! Next year it’s 3 days and in Anaheim….which means you can go to Disneyland also!

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