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In a couple months I will be attending DesignerCon (November 16th-18th in Anaheim) for the fourth straight year, and one of the artists who will be showing off her wares at the show is Camilla d’Errico.


Some of the items that she will have for sale at the show include 2 new books. The first one POP MANGA MERMAIDS AND OTHER SEA CREATURES is an 80-page follow-up to her POP MANGA COLORING BOOK. The book will retail for $16 (plus tax of course) and will feature lots of new artwork that can only be found in the book.

The next book she will have at the show is titled THE BEEHIVE: A COLLECTION OF FUZZBUTTS and has the title implies it is filled with pictures of fuzzy bees. The book will be available at the show as well as on her Etsy page (starting on August 25th).
Camilla will be signing the books at her DesignerCon booth (#2234) for anyone who wants to purchase one there.
In addition to the books she will also have prints of her artwork from her exhibit at the Corey Helford Gallery this past April. Some of the prints may include her pieces titled “Sun Kisses”, “Hydie”, “Polina”, and more. You can see some of the artwork from the exhibit here: http://www.coreyhelfordgallery.com/shows/camilla-derrico-2018/info-press/ 

She will also have apparel items including shirts, sweaters, hoodies featuring her artwork (which can be seen here), along with enamel pins, stickers, buttons, and other goodies.


As we get closer to the show, there will be more information and more pictures of what she will be showing off the show, so check back later for those details.
All pictures are courtesy of Camilla d’Errico.

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