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Supernatural just finished it’s 13th season, making it one of the longest running American genre television series of all time.
The show is broadcast on the CW and will continue the adventures of the Winchester brothers this Fall with it’s 14th season.
Recapping 13 seasons of Supernatural would be a virtual treatise, requiring at least 5,000 words so I’m going to make my description as concise as possible.
Supernatural chronicles the Lives and Deaths of brothers Sam and Dean Winchester as they hunt demons and all things supernatural.
A reoccurring character that seems to have actually met his end was Crowley, the King of Hell. As an aside, ‘death’ is pretty ambiguous in the world of Supernatural.
Mark Sheppard played Crowley amazingly well, incorporating acting chops that he likely sharpened during the various theater productions he’d appeared in.
Crowley makes the definition of ‘evil’ very gray as opposed to black and white. In the world of Supernatural, virtually all the characters wrestle with demons; both internal and external so grey is pretty much the status quo. But Sheppard did it with style and gravitas.
With Sheppard’s charisma and enormous acting range (not to mention some nifty scripting), Crowley is the primary character that you love to hate.
When I saw that Mark Sheppard would be appearing at Denver Comic Con as a Featured Guest, my pulse raced. Supernatural is my all time favorite television show and over the years I’ve laughed and cried season after season.
As I mentioned in my Jim Davis article, up until this convention I’d never paid for a photo opportunity or a signature. Of course, this year was different.
The standard photo ops are conducted with precision so that the line moves quickly with maximum efficiency. There isn’t a chance for small talk; you have a window of about 5 seconds to speak before the photo is taken and you’re ushered out to pick up your photo.
My personal experience was that he said hello, asked how I was doing and then leaned into me for the photo. As I left, he patted me on the shoulder and thanked me.
It was great seeing all my fellow Supernatural fans sharing our love for Mr. Sheppard. Some fans had even cosplayed a character from the show.
Although the experience was fairly impersonal, I understand the mechanics of keeping everything on schedule. There are many celebrity photo ops and only 3 photo tents set up for the entire area.
Once I picked up my photo, I noticed some folks lined up at Mr. Sheppard’s autograph space. He was scheduled for autographs in the next 15 minutes. I stared at my photo, then looked at the pricing, stared back at my photo, looked in my wallet and decided, ‘what the Hell!’
The autograph experience was handled much the same as the photo op. He did take time to quickly chat with some of us, particularly the kids, cosplayers and those who brought unique items for signature.
I had him personalize his signature on our photo together. I’ll be framing it and then putting it on display with the rest of my Supernatural collection (which you can see pics of below).
I don’t regret doing it or spending the money, I just think I left feeling a little disappointed. He wore sweatpants and I had envisioned him wearing a fine black suit, fully in character. He’s an actor, not Crowley and he deserves to be comfortable while engaging with his fans.
One Supernatural actor down and about a dozen more to go!
For those interested, the Photo Opp was $60.00 and the autograph $50.00.

To follow his adventures check out his Twitter @MrDystopia and his previous coverage of Denver Comic Con.

All photos used with permission of Mike McLarty.

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