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In part 5 of his 7 articles covering Denver Comic Con,Mike McLarty briefly tables Comics and takes a look at the Pop Culture elements of the show. Oh, and he can’t wait to show you the stuff he bought.


As my past columns clearly illustrate, Comics are my main draw to conventions. My overall impression of whether or not the show is a success is predicated on access to Comics creatives and good deals on the Show Floor. For many attendees, comics aren’t their focus and their expectations vary wildly from my own.


Denver Comic Con represents the Comics crowd but they also deliver with top pop culture celebrities.


Big names such as David Tennant, Billie Piper, Jason Momoa, Val KilmerJohn Barrowman, Jason David Frank, Alan Tudyk, Ron Perlman, Molly Ringwald, Sean Gunn and my two personal favorites; Garfield creator Jim Davis and Supernatural’s King of Hell, Mark Sheppard.


More specifics on Davis and Sheppard in my future installments.


Now let’s focus on the Art Commissions and a few deals I stumbled upon whilst traversing the Show Floor.


The first commission I got was from Gene Ha who I asked to do the titular character from my all time favorite comic series, TRANSMETROPOLITAN. He also did a remarque when you purchased his art book.


The next set of commissions are from Ben Bishop (left), and Sajad Shah (right), and once again feature Spider Jerusalem from TRANSMETROPOLITAN.



The final commission I picked up this weekend was from Paul Pelletier who I also requested a Spider Jerusalem from.


I also picked up a pre-done sketch of Darkwing Duck for $20, but I forgot to write down the name of the artist. If anyone knows, feel free to comment below.

Besides the above commissions I also got Donny Cates to sign my copy of his GOD COUNTRY book,  four BLADE RUNNER 2049 action figures ($10 each), and a two-pack of Diamond Select Toys Minimates of Deadman and The Spectre ($5).

To follow his adventures check out his Twitter @MrDystopia

All photos used with permission of Mike McLarty.



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