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In Part 3 of Mike McLarty’s coverage of Denver Comic Con, he began detailing some of the key components that represent a true ‘Comics convention’ from a ‘Pop Culture’ show. He began with the presence of Comics publishers and will now move forward with another contributing factor; Comics Creators.


When a convention lists someone as a ‘Featured Guest,’ that means the show is hosting their appearance. It should be mentioned that each individual invite is not a ‘one size fits all’ deal. The basics generally include travel and lodging. In exchange, the Featured Guest will get a table on the Show Floor and will participate in a panel presentation or two. A few guests with higher cultural cache may have other incentives thrown their way. With celebrities, it normally comes down to negotiating percentage splits from photo and signature revenues.


But here our focus is on Comics and it must be said that Denver Comic Con has done an admirable job of attracting an impressive assemblage of Comics talent.


Additionally, DCC’s Artist Alley is full of Comics folks that paid their own way in order to be a part of this year’s convention.


Rather than list every Comics Creator, I’ll touch upon just a few of the more prominent talents I saw while walking the Show Room Floor. As an aside, I’m including the creatives that I was able to photograph.


The most popular writer in the current Comics arena is Batman and Mister Miracle writer Tom King. He’s here this year signing books for lines and lines of fans, hours at a time. Mister Miracle artist Mitch Gerard is also signing and offered some art commission slots.


Longtime Batman Artist and Inker Greg Capullo and Jonathan Glapion also signed for a huge line of fans.


An impressive array of other top tier Comics Creators include Arthur Adams, Adam Kubert, James Tynion IV.


I’ve only touched on just a few examples of the amazing Comics talent that can be found at Denver Comic Con 2018.


With the presence of over a dozen publishers and even more Comics creatives, DCC is justified in it’s inclusion of ‘Comic’ when describing their convention.


To follow his adventures check out his Twitter @MrDystopia

All photos used with permission of Mike McLarty.

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