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In this installment of Mike McLarty’s continued adventures at the Denver Comic Con, he spotlights some of the  comics publishers he happened upon while wandering the Show Floor.

Determining the difference between a ‘pop culture show’ and a ‘comic convention’ is nuanced. There are no definitive guidelines and in most cases, everything is quite blended to the casual observer.
What’s of some concern to this Comics fan of more than 40 years is that the ‘pop culture’ has taken a huge precedence over ‘Comics.’


Some determining factors to consider when evaluating whether or not the convention is Comics friendly includes a relatively short list of criteria.


I’ll be discussing several facets of that criteria in future installments but in the meanwhile, the presence of Comics publishers is a my focus. If publishers see fit to pay for space at a Con in order to attract fans, that tells us Comics are important.


I’m pleased to report that Denver Comic Con has over a dozen publishers across the Show Floor. Although you won’t find Marvel or DC, you will see Image Comics via Robert Kirkman’s Skybound Imprint. That’s not bad considering Image is consistently the 3rd top selling Comics publisher.


You will also find some medium publishers such as Aspen Comics, Boom! Studios, IDW, Top Cow Productions and Valiant.


Up and coming publishers such as AfterShock and Lion Forge also have their wares for sale.


Rounding out the Comics publishers are Benitez Productions, Zenoscope Entertainment, Action Lab, Stranger Comics, Lee and Low Books, Theory Comics and Hachette/Orbit.


In my next installment we’ll discuss another factor that lets us know how much the word ‘Comic’ really means in the title of a convention; the folks that actually make comics.

Here are the first two installments; Cosplay and First day coverage.


To follow his adventures check out his Twitter @MrDystopia



All photos used with permission of Mike McLarty.
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