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We went to the amazing Thought Bubble Sequential Art Festival back in November, a truly incredible event where some of the best creative talent in the world gathered to show off their wares – and nestled tidily in the Thought Bubble Teepee, and garnering some of the longest lines of the entire weekend, was the Mondo Gallery stand which had brought with them some of their finest artists, including Matt Taylor who produced this amazing 225 piece run poster for Back To The Future.

And you can win one of them, generously donated by Justin Ishmael of Mondo Gallery himself!

image - Mondo Studios (Matt Taylor BTTF (mondotees.com))

Back to the Future by Matt Taylor 18″ X 24″ Edition of 225

Matt Taylor was rightfully proud of his creation:

“BTTF is basically my dream project and as such is utterly terrifying, because it is embedded in the public consciousness and has it’s own library of iconography that even people who haven’t seen the film will know. On top of that, the previous BTTF series at Mondo are amongst the highlights of their output – so a little bit of extra pressure to live up to there.

For my design, I went back to Struzan’s original concept posters – there is a great one with Marty vanishing from the feet up, and as soon as I saw it I knew that I wanted to use it as my starting point. I think PCC and Laurent have closed the book on using the Delorean so I deliberately stayed away from that and focused instead on Marty and his instantly recognisable features. I used the title block from the original poster and stripped out the rest of the type so that the image stood alone on the page. I’m really happy with how it turned out and I hope that the Mondo faithful dig it as well.”

We did! And, at the Festival, Justin gave us one of these amazing posters to give away to our followers – so, on the 18th January 2015 Cup O’ Tea Hangout, we gave out a question for the true BTTF fan and, this Sunday, we’ll be announcing the lucky blighter who will be getting it through the post. Watch the show, and then either Tweet your answer to our account at @EnglishmanSDCC, or email us with your answer with the Message Line ‘BTTF Mondo’ to competition@anenglishmaninsandiego.com. Best of luck!




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