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One thing is for certain: we can’t do this on our own! We need YOU to help us out!

Either by getting involved and contributing content (we’re always looking for new writers, reviewers, guests on the Talkin’ Comic-Con: A Cup O’ Tea hangouts or even people to hijack our social media to share experiences at conventions!), by subscribing to our various feeds, such as iTunes or Soundcloud, or even by interacting with us on social media, sharing our posts on Facebook or Twitter, by adding us to your Google+ circles, or by passing on the posts you love on Pinterest or Tumblr… Any time you spread the word, you extend our family and we couldn’t be happier. You have no idea, we really appreciate every time you get in touch, ask us a question, acknowledge any help we’ve given, all of it – it totally makes all of it worthwhile!

But more often than not, we need something a little more… green! To not be gauche about this, money makes the world go round and it does help keep the lights on, here at AESID.

In a perfect world, we would love all of our income to be advertising-based. We do want to hear from comic publishers/pop culture companies/comic convention organisations that want to share their efforts and products with our readers and, for a modest cost, we can share those efforts in an attractive and appealing manner, across the AEISD brand – from site skinning and banner ads, to on-screen inserts on the Cup O’ Tea Hangouts, to branded content sharing on our social media feeds. We can custom-build an seemless advertising strategy around your brand, in-house: to find out more, fill in the Contact Form below and we will be in touch ASAP to discuss your needs.

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logo - patreonIf you’re a reader of the site or a viewer of the hangouts, and if can spare it, you can help us financially so we can do what we do, more often and better. We have a Patreon page so you can support the hangouts directly, week-to-week, donating exactly what you feel we’re worth to each Hangout, which, not going to lie, is my ideal scenario because such donations tell me exactly what you’re feeling about the show we’re trying to put on – it makes you an active producer of the show! Please, do check out our Patreon page, here.

That’s the ‘crowdfunding’ option we’ve got set up at the moment. I’m not overly keen on putting together a GoFundMe because, to be honest, it seems overly convoluted for what is basically a begging bowl – I’d prefer that you give something and we give something definite back. Likewise, it’s the same reason I didn’t set up a Kickstarter, that’s even worse: that’s an endless road of me asking for more and more money as the site progresses and (fingers crossed) grows.

Still, I appreciate that some might not be interested in a long-term commitment of a subscribed donation and you’d much prefer to make one simple contribution, no muss no foul – to you I say, you can also make a one-off PayPal donation into the pot which we will then put towards attending conventions to cover, equipment so we can cover them better, or even getting to the point where we can pay contributors which is absolutely the end goal. You can donate here:

Any time somebody reaches into their pocket and donates to us, it shows that we’re doing something right and it makes you an active participant in keeping us going. You’re giving us air! You’re feeding the fire! And, whether you like it or not, you’re funding the eventual construction of our Battle Station from which we will oversee the tightening grip of AN ENGLISHMAN IN SAN DIEGO, your inevitable overlords.

image - Star Wars (Grand Moff Tarkin, screencap)

Meh. Dem’s da breaks. Swings and roundabouts.

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