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Hi, everyone – Leonard here, dropping by to clarify a couple of things that people have messaged me in reaction to statements I’ve put out there, under the assumption that I’m shuttering An Englishman In San Diego and starting everything from scratch. Well yes, I am, kind of – but then again, no, I’m not!

The idea is, I want to take AEISD back to how it used to be: me. The name ‘An Englishman In San Diego’ was what I used for a little vlog I ran as the run up to San Diego Comic-Con 2012 (yes, that is a reference to the classic Sting record, well spotted, a couple of you) and obviously it’s grown and ballooned beyond that into the lovely site and all you wonderful followers that I have today.

But I’ve boxed myself into a little bit of a corner with the name, now that I getting more and more involved with other conventions and organisations, both in the UK and further afield. So, it’s time for a change. Change is good. Change means evolution. Change means growth. Change means a new pair of shoes!

What’s coming up in October is… [REDACTED}, featuring An Englishman In San Diego! Nope,not revealing the name just yet – all the social medias are in place, I’ve just got to secure the URL for the site. The Main Site is aiming to be a comics and pop culture conventions resource page with main headers for the big players (Comic-Con International, ReedPOP, Heroes & Villains Fan Fest, MCM Comic Con, Showmasters Events, Wizard World, The ACE Universe…) and then space for updates for the rest around the world. There’ll be news on guest announcements and cancellations, guides, special features, offers and competitions… all sorts, really.

And then, down at the bottom, there’s going to be An Englishman In San Diego – little ol’ me, with some opinion posts, vlogs, stuff about what I’m up to, and of course links to TALKIN’ CONS: A CUP O’ TEA with AN ENGLISHMAN IN SAN DIEGO! Yes, that is what we’re going to be calling it, when the show comes back on Sunday 19th August. Yes, that does mean we’re taking *that* hyphenated term out of the title. Yes, we’re still going to be having tea involved. In fact, from here on in, I’ll be insisting on it!!

So, don’t worry – An Englishman In San Diego will still be around, ready and eager to help with any advice you may need to attend these celebrations of pop culture, anyway I can. I’ll just be doing it under a bit of an umbrella. With a cup o’ tea. Good grief, I couldn’t be more English if I tried, could I??

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